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[Bascoms Chapel Methodist Church - Palestine]
There has been an active Methodist presence in Palestine since about 1850. At that time the only local congregation met in Bascom’s Chapel, an extant building located at 812 N. Mallard, which has since been converted into a private residence. During the early 20th century the original congregation split, with some members establishing this church, the Centenary Methodist Church, and some founding Grace United Methodist Church, located just north of downtown.
Eugene, Arthur and Mrs. Thomas Bancroft
Photograph of Mrs. Thomas Bancroft and her two sons, Eugene William Bancroft on her right and Arthur J. Bancroft on her left. Mrs. Bancroft is wearing a dark dress, white gloves, lace collar and a bonnet with a large bow tied underneath her chin. She has her arm around Eugene who is wearing a dark dress with white collar. Arthur is wearing a dark outfit with white collar.
[Letter from Jacob De Cordova, dated Nov. 20, 1859]
Letter from Jacob De Cordova, dated Nov. 20, 1850 to "My dear Doctor," probably Thomas Moore of Burnet County. Discusses his travels through Texas, and various land transactions. He directs that any letters sent by Phin be forwarded to Graham. Phineas De Cordova was Jacob De Cordova's brother and partner in their Land agent business.
[Letter from Jacob De Cordova to Dr. Thomas Moore, dated May 20, 1858]
Letter from Jacob De Cordova to Dr. Thomas Moore and Moore's son Hamilton. The letter discusses De Cordova's upcoming tour of Europe.
[Letter to Dr. Thomas Moore from J. De Cordova, Dec. 17, 1856]
Letter from Jacob de Cordova (by L.J. Reed) to Dr. Thomas Moore, discussing various land accounts, including patents held by Anson Jone's brother.
[Letter to Dr. Thomas Moore from Jacob De Cordova, Oct. 26, 1856]
Letter from Jacob De Cordova to Thomas Moore and his son Hamilton, dated Oct. 26, 1856.
[Notes of Collection received by Thomas Moore for Jacob de Cordova, Feb. 7, 1856]
Notes for Collection received by Thomas Moore on February 7th, 1856 for J. De Cordova. Names included are A. A. Shipps; John Harvey; Dr. Moore; Robert T. Burnham; Thomas Moore; Joseph H. Eubank; Henry B. Flaugher; and I.T. Hoover.