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1950 Childress District Office, Texas Highway Dept - 1st picnic
Photograph of a a Texas Highway Department picnic. A large gathering is shown with a man opening a bottled beverage while a young girl walks to the right , holding a drink.
["Boneheads" Working in the Community]
Photograph of an explorer scout troop, known as the "Bonehead Boys", putting up signs in an open field. The men and boys are standing around a newly put up sign labeled "Childress & Baylor Lakes".
Colorful Chuck Wagon Master, Col. Sam Privitt
Photograph of Chuck Wagon Master Colonel Sam Privitt standing beside a wood cutout in the shape of Texas with several cattle brands burnt into it. Privitt is wearing a cowboy hat, bow tie, and vest.
[Former Childress County Agent Chile Smith and 4-H Member Larry Murphy]
Photograph of former Childress County Agent, Chile Smith, and 4-H member, Larry Murphy. The two men are shaking hands as Chile Smith hands a certificate to Larry Murphy. The certificate is facing the camera. They are inside an office and are both wearing cowboy hats.
Helpy Selfy Grocery Store, owned by Rushing Family
Photograph of two men in front of a grocery store. The store window is covered with food advertisements. One of the men is shown in a white apron holding a rod.
[Robertson-Eubank Drug Store 1958]
Photograph of the Robertson-Eubank Drug Store in Childress, Texas. The store is sandwiched in between two other businesses and there is a sign located directly in front of the store. A car is parked at an angle in front of the drug store.
Saturday morning at The Palace
Photograph of several children standing in line at the Palace Theater on a Saturday morning circa 1950. Posters for "Cariboo Trail" are visible on the front of the theater.