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["El Capitan" climbs towards Raton Pass]
Climbing towards the crest of Raton Pass, Santa Fe's "El Capitan", a high-level consist, affords passengers an opportunity to enjoy the mountain scenery of southern Colorado near the famous Wootton Ranch.
["The Grand Canyon" traverses Raton Pass]
Santa Fe's "The Grand Canyon", headed by nine GM Diesel Units, 18,000 horsepower, with a consist of twenty-three cars traverses Raton Pass in Mew Mexico on September 17, 1960.
["Super Chief" in Colorado]
Santa Fe's "Super Chief" daily all-Pullman streamliner operating between Chicago and Los Angeles, ascends the steep grades near the old Dick Wootton Ranch at Wootton, Colorado.
["Super Chief" in Raton Pass]
Santa Fe's "Super Chief" rolls through scenic Raton Pass on the New Mexico - Colorado border on September 7, 1959.