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The Chapel at Hampton Institute

Description: Color postcard depicting the Chapel at Hampton Institute. It is a brick building with a tall bell tower. The date 9-22-07 is hand written on the front. Information on the back reads, "The Chapel at Hampton Institute. The Memorial Chapel dedicated in May 1886 was a gift of the Frederick L. Marquand Estate. It is a perfect specimen of Italian Romanesque architecture and is built of red brick outside while the interior is cream brick." It is addressed to Miss Rosa Bassano, Paris, Tex. It is postmarked Fortress Monroe, Va. on Sept 22, 1907.
Date: unknown
Partner: Private Collection of Joe E. Haynes

Raleigh Court, Jamestown Exposition, 1907

Description: Color postcard picturing the Raleigh Court at the Jamestown Exposition in 1907. There is a lake in the foreground with many boats on it, walkways lined with lamp posts along the water, and numerous red buildings in the background with landscaping and fountains. Printed on the back is the description of the picture, "No. 109. Raleigh Court, Jamestown Exposition, 1907. Starting from the U.S. Government pier in the foreground at the left and going around and back to the westerly wing of the pier, this view shows the following buildings: U.S. Government Fisheries Exhibit, Machinery and Transportation, Mines and Metallurgy, State's Exhibits, Auditorium, Food Products, Manufacturers and Liberal Arts, U.S. Government Exhibits, Smithsonian Institute, National Museum Exhibits, etc., etc." Correspondence on the card reads," This looks well on a card, but in reality it is bum, in big letters. It is addressed to Miss Rosa Bassano, S. Mill St., Paris, Texas. it is postmarked Norfolk, Va on Sept 22, 1907.
Date: 1907
Partner: Private Collection of Joe E. Haynes

Scrivner Family photo album

Description: Brown velvet-cushioned photo album with pale yellow letters and designs containing studio portraits of members of the Scrivner, Vise and Gross families. Page 1: Will and Ella Gross with their two sons and daughter Page 2: First of Will Gross' sons. Page 3: Second of Will Gross' sons Page 4: Children of Henry Scrivner Page 5: Woman wearing a dress and holding a gun and a riding crop. Only identified as Belle. Page 6: Unidentified baby Page 7: Lewis Gross as a child Page 8: Neely Scrivne Page 9: Ella Gross Page 10: Theo Scrivner, Jr. Page 11: Theo Scrivner, Sr. Page 12: Bess Scrivner as a child Page 13: Russell Scrivner as a child Page 14: Neely Scrivner Page 15: Sammie VIse Page 16: Elizabeth Scrivner Page 17: Mary E. Scrivner Page 18: Woman identified as Ida of Winchester, VA Page 19: Mary Adelia Ann Scrivner Vise Page 20: Bess Scrivner Lewis Page 21: Crocket Scrivner Page 22: Philip Scrivner Page 23: Bess Scrivner Page 24: Will Gross Page 25: Ed Scrivner Page 26: Helen Hudson Page 27: Nannie George Scrivner Page 28: Top left - Unidentified woman Top right - Unidentified child Bottom left - Woman identified as Sallie Bottom right - Arthur Kincaid Page 29: Top left - Unidentified woman in a gray outfit Top right - Unidentified woman in a white dress Bottom left - Same woman as picture in top left but in a different outfit Page 30: Bottom left - Elle Richard Cruse Bottom right - Anne Gross Scrivner
Date: 1890~
Partner: Private Collection of Charles R. Delphenis

Sherwood Inn, Fortress Monroe, Va.

Description: Photo postcard of the Sherwood Inn of Fortress Monroe, Virginia. The four-story building is on a street corner. It has a front porch with a balcony above it, a round turret on its left, many brick chimneys, and awnings on the windows. Handwritten on the front, "9-21-07. Home ain't nothing like this - C.F.C." It is addressed to Miss Rosa Bassano, S. Mill St., Paris, Tex. It is postmarked Fortress Monreo, Va. on Sept 21, 1907.
Date: unknown
Creator: Cheyne, C.E.
Partner: Private Collection of Joe E. Haynes