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Imperial Hotel
Ida Snearly seated beside some plants with the Imperial Hotel in the background.
Pauline and Frank Scholt
Photograph of Pauline and Frank Scholt in a horse-drawn carriage crossing a bridge. Three unidentified people are also pictured.
601 Kipp
Photograph of a house at 601 Kipp in Kemah, Texas. The wooden house is constructed with stilts in preparation for high tidal waters. Some flowers are planted to the right of a walkway leading to the porch entrance. A shed is partially visible in the background.
Kemah motel, Sylvia D
Photograph of high waters covering part of Kemah, Texas. The water covers a street in the foreground, and covers the lots in front of some buildings and the Sylvia D Motel and Restaurant in the background.
Miss Sellar's Class
Photograph of Miss Sellar and her class. Miss Sellar stands to the right of the unidentified children whom are sitting and standing on a bench outside of the schoolhouse in Kemah, Texas.
Ms. Rice and class
Photograph of Ms. Rice and her class in 1946 in Kemah, Texas. Ms. Rice and 21 unidentified children pose on the steps of a wooden building.
School fence
Photograph of nine unidentified children sitting on a wooden fence in front of a white wooden school building in Kemah, Texas.
Louise Giddens and school kids
Photograph of Rose Kipp, Ella Rentz, Emma Gordon, Dorothy White, and several unidentified children. This is a picture of the school children at the school that John Henry Kipp, Sr. started. The teacher, Louise Giddens, is the tallest woman in the picture. The girl next to the teacher is Ella Kipp the oldest of John Henry Kipp, Jr's children and the boy on the other side of the teacher is Henry Kipp. The girl next to Henry is Elva or Elvie Kipp. The girl in front of Elvie and Henry is Leota Kipp. The girl in the back next to Elvie is Rose Kipp and the boy next to her is John Lee (called Lee) Kipp. All of the children named were the children of John Henry Kipp, Jr.
Kemah city officials
Photograph of six unidentified men and three unidentified women who are Kemah city officials. The man on the far left of the group has a badge clipped to his shirt and a revolver on his hip.
Single Draw Bridge
Photograph of a few cars on a single draw bridge in Kemah, Texas. A body of water is visible beneath the bridge.
Rocket Lounge, Ben Blackledge, Mayor for 27 years
Photograph of Ben Blackledge, the mayor of Kemah, Texas for 27 years, and the interior of Rocket Lounge. Three men sit on stools at the bar counter, and a man stands behind the bar. Cigars and beer are vended behind the bar, and several tables, chairs, and booths are placed throughout the lounge. A table shuffleboard is also visible.
Rocket Lounge
Photograph of four unidentified people and the interior of Rocket Lounge of Kemah, Texas. A smiling man stands behind the bar counter, and a man faces the rear of the lounge with a cigar in his hand. In the background, a man with a hat plays a bowling arcade game. Another unidentified person sits at a table with two pitchers and an ash tray. Several stools are places in front of the bar counter, and tables and chairs are placed throughout the rest of the room. Restrooms and jukeboxes are also visible in the background.
Sportsman's Restaurant
Photograph of Sportsman's Restaurant in Kemah, Texas. Water has risen to the door of the one-story brick building. A sign advertising "Fine Foods" is affixed above the entrance. An American flag is visible in the background.
Joe Lee's Restaurant
Photograph of Joe Lee's Seafood Restaurant in Kemah, Texas. The restaurant is on stilts, and the sign above the restaurant shows signs of damage. Several buildings in the background also show signs of damage. The ground beneath the restaurant is covered by shallow brown water and debris. A boat is also partially visible in the background.
Sylvia D Lounge
Photograph of the Sylvia D Lounge. A covered walkway leads to the entrance of the two-story wooden building. A few lawn chairs, and two tables are located around a swimming pool in front of the lounge. Some cars are parked in the parking lot next to the lounge, and other businesses are partially visible in the background.
6th St and Hwy 146, FM 2094
Photograph of 6th Street, Highway 146, FM 2094, and the surrounding area of Kemah, Texas from an aerial viewpoint. Many automobiles, businesses, and residences are visible.
Texas Ave
Photograph of a portion of the business area in Kemah, Texas along Clear Creek during a typical high tide. Water from Clear Creek has filled several parking lots and has crossed the street in areas. Several cars are parked at various businesses. A motel, seafood restaurant, tire shop, grocery store, and auto parts store are pictured.
Texas Ave at high tide
Photograph of a portion of the business area in Kemah, Texas along Clear Creek during a typical high tide. Several cars are parked in the lot of a lounge and pharmacy on Texas Ave. The water from Clear Creek has filled the parking lot and has reached the street.
Aerial View of Kemah
No Description Available.
[Madison Gas Station/Store - 109 South Main Street]
Photograph of a brick one story building with red painted letters, some of which read Radiator and Service, and a porte-cochère, under which a car is parked. A metal fence with gate and sign reading Please No Parking in the Drive Way encloses an overgrown grass area and rusted structure next to the building. The concrete / gravel driveway is in poor repair with large potholes and puddles.
[Railroad House - 114 East Martin Street]
Photograph of a one story building with a partially covered driveway and a covered front porch including brick details above the doors and windows. A car is parked under the covered driveway, and the front yard has a small circular border around a small plant, front walkway from the street to the front doors, and lush plants and tall vase / planter obscuring the front porch.
[Railroad House - 112 East Martin Street]
Photograph of one story building with a covered porch, maroon trim, two separate front doors, and brick details along the wall above the windows and doors. The front yard is well kept with flowers lining the front walk way and a tiny white fence bordering the lush garden space along the front porch.
[Railroad House - 110 East Martin Street]
Photograph of a building's front entrance with teal trim, covered awning over the front door supported by wrought iron beams, and a wall mounted mailbox. Bushes and a chain link fence are across the foreground.
[Dietert Home - 208 East Martin Street]
Photograph of a one story building including a bay window addition with brick detail on the corners and a covered porch with a large plywood sheet against the wall and fabric draped on the banister. A blue car is parked in front of the porch, and a two story house is partially visible behind the home. The foreground shows a tree, utility pole, and concrete slab with curb in the yard next to the street curb.
[Railroad Rooms - 109 West Martin Street]
Photograph of an adobe one story building in very poor repair, with three peaks in the roof with circular vents on the front wall. The front wall is stained two colors, materials are torn up from the base of the wall, and the wall bears the remains of a roof over the concrete slab covered with construction materials (used to be a front porch). A car is parked on the lawn parallel to the front of the house by the front walkway. A concrete entry for a driveway is visible along the sidewalk between a utility pole and a sign reading No Parking - Drive Way.
[Commercial Building - 119 West Martin Street]
Photographs of a large warehouse building with a windowed storefront and a stepped roof-line. A barbed wire topped chain link fence encloses a large concrete space next to the building including street lights and miscellaneous equipment and supplies under an awning along the building. The left photograph shows the storefront and a car parked along the street. The right photograph shows a two door garage at the back of the building a shopping cart and miscellaneous materials next to a tree at the corner of the fence, and another car parked along the street.
[Charles Miller home - 112 West Martin Street]
Photographs of a wood and rock house with an addition, in process or blue screened-in porch, and a metal chainlink fence and bushes separate the property from the sidewalk. The left photograph shows the front entrance and left side of the house as viewed from an angle across the street. The right photograph is a closer image of the part of the house to the right of the front door, including front walkway, and is taken from directly across the street.
[Madison Garage - Corner Martin and South Main Streets]
Photograph of a white building on a corner lot with two large garage door openings and, possibly, a second story roofed tower. Utility poles and lines cross the photo; a fire hydrant is located on the street corner.
[Taylor Duke Commercial Building - Main Street]
Photograph of a stand alone building with windowed storefront on two sides of the building, suspended awning on the street side, and painted letters reading Taylor Duke. A partial view of a car, utility pole, and a parking meter are along the street in front of the building. A parked car and two small trees growing in a median are in the parking lot along the side of the building.
[Old Federal Building - Corner of Main and Broadway]
Photograph of a Italian Renaissance styled three story building with stairs, flanked by globe light poles, leading up to the entrances on either side of the building, medallion on the second story facade, small balconies around each second story building, a flag pole and antenna atop the building. Trees are growing on the street corner by the street light, fire hydrant, and hanging traffic light.
[Del Rio News Herald - Corner Main and Broadway Streets]
Photograph of a two story building mostly covered by vertical boards painted teal, and large white letters reading The Del Rio News-Herald, in-between the corner and the windowed storefront, under an awning. The building is located at the corner of two streets with a double step red curb.
[Marcy Martin - Main Street]
Photograph of a corner building with brick column and wall base details, a windowed storefront with hanging sign reading Cowboy Outfitter, suspended awning. A car is parked at a meter in front of a partially visible painted mural along the side of the building: image of a cowboy on a bucking bronco and reading Pross? World Champion? A potted plant, two utility poles, and a street sign for Broadway and S Main St are on the street corner with a red curb.
[F. C. Blaine Home - Broadway Street]
A photograph of a building with a raised and covered porch enclosed with columns and a banister wraps around the visible parts of the building. A short stairwell with metal handrails leads from the yard to the front door; The wall under the front porch has a few decorative vents.
[Duke Home - 108 East Broadway]
Photograph of a two story, peaked roof building with a screened in porch, bay windows, and an appliance extending from the street side of the building. Another one story building with a partially visible sign (City of) and a small windmill is to the right of the building. Partial parked cars are visible to either side of the photograph.
[Railroad House - East Martin Street]
Photograph of a one story building with a covered front porch, white trim, brick accents above the windows and doors, and a dark screen door in front of the front door. The front porch is empty and a few utility lines extend from the ground by the street in the lower right corner. A red structure is barely visible behind the building.
[Price Lumber Company - a - 43? South Main Street]
Photograph of a gravel and overgrown alleyway between two storefronts (left is a blue and white two story: Price Lumber Company, right is one story with a vine growing up the taller storefront) to another building's corner and construction scaffolding blocking another building structure. A sidewalk and blurry vehicle fill the foreground, and some trees and utility pole are in the background.
[Price Lumber Company - b - 432 South Main Street]
Photograph of an adobe two story building with blue trim, glass storefront, suspended awning, and red painted letters reading A W Carpets and Interiors. Some plants are growing around the corner of the building, and a parking meter sits along the sidewalk by the street.
[Tom Payne Building - 432 South Main Street]
Photograph of a one story building with a suspended awning, single door entrance, and vines growing up the side of the building. The second story wall front is painted green at the edge of the photograph. A parking meter is located on the sidewalk by the street, and a gravel path follows the side of the building in the foreground.
[Walton Building - a - 432 South Main Street]
Photograph of a building with a wood panel and windowed lower storefront displaying two outfits and a shirt; the upper storefront is painted teal with brick and pole details. Another white building wall forms the back of a dirt and grass alleyway space located next to the main building.
[Walton Building - b - 432 South Main Street]
Photograph of an alleyway space between a one story (left), two story buildings (right), one story building (back); the alley space is mostly gravel with overgrown grass around the edges, a chopped tree roots, growing tree, and a pile of miscellaneous objects with a puddle between the gravel area and the sidewalk. Another two story structure stands behind this area.
[Joseph Hyman Building - NE Corner Main and Garfield]
Photograph of a two story building with glass storefront with a suspended awning and illegible signs, one mentions Appliance, on a corner lot. A two story building with glass storefront is visible behind and across the street from the main building.
[Old City Hall - Fire Station - Police Department - 120 East Garfield]
Photograph of a two story building with two garage doors, a decorative trim front entrance with a hanging bell, and arched decoration and small metal balconies around each second story window. The garage doors and arched window decorations are painted pink and blue, and a large letters painted on the wall read Del Rio Boys' Club. Two cars are parked in front of the building.
[Madison Garage - 109 South Main Street]
Photograph of a corner lot storefront with a car and machinery are under a a large covered area supported with columns and arches; the sign above says Del Rio Motor. Along the side of the building are hanging signs reading Coca-Cola and Economy Finance Loans. A large blue building is located on the next block behind the Del Rio Motor building.
[Warner Building - NE Corner Main Street and Losoya]
Photograph of a two story building on a street corner with a smooth white storefront, blue painted and windowed storefront, and a stone side wall with arched and sealed doorway and windows. The building boasts three signs: hanging wall sign is illegible, banner sign on the stone wall advertises the Mill Outlet, the painted signs over the store entrance advertise the building as a super mercado (supermarket).
[Pennington Building - 625 South Main Street]
Photograph of the side of a storefront in poor repair next to a gravel lot with a small bush growing at the corner by a stand along sign reading Private = Parking, Del Rio Beauty Salon. A brick column marks the building's corner, a small bricks form the area at the top of the wall and have regularly spaced small rectangular marks, and the main wall facade is in very poor repair with huge areas of missing paint or plaster.
[Old Del Rio National Bank - SW Corner Main Street and Greenwood]
Photograph of two story building with a curtained entrance door (including sign for The Del Rio Loan Co with a clock) on the corner, decorative trim and pillars across the buildings exterior, a hanging sign with a car image and reading Insurance, Automobile, Financing, and a sign on the wall reading "The Del Rio Loan Co., Loans, Installment Financing, Furniture - Appliances, 775-8535, 701 S. Main St , Entrance at Corner." More storefronts can be seen behind the building.
[H. J. Ware Building - Rita Theatre - 746 South Main]
Photograph of the Rita Theater entrance, four movie posters, and matinee sign reading "Roy Rogers in Mackintosh & T J" "Sat and Sun Matinee G." Another storefront is visible to the right with a partially legible sign. A teal pickup truck and partial view of a car are parked on the street.
[Rose Building (Burke) - 748 South Main Street]
Photograph (left) of a car driving down the street in front of the Rita Theatre and the next storefront with a striped curtain hanging from the suspended awning. Photograph (right) of a wrought iron staircase with lacy details on each riser and ornate handrail posts which is located in a thin alley between two buildings.
[Lindheim - Roach McLymont - Bealls - 801 Canal-Main Street]
Photograph of a two story building, glass storefront, a suspended blue, white, and black decorative awning, and balconies under each second story window. A trashcan and street sign reading "No right turn on red" are on the corner in front of the double doors into the storefront, under a sign for Beall's. A partial view of a pickup truck is visible on either side of the photograph.
[Ross Drug Store - 800 South Main Street]
Photograph of two story building, located on a street corner, with a windowed storefront covered by a shingle awning and signs reading Ross Drugs from the awning and from the second story facade.The storefront wall has second story windows and stone decorative corner pillars while the side of the building shows bricked up remnants of old windows and features. A child walks in front of the store window, and a car is parked along the street.