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[Aerial View of Orange, Texas]

Description: Aerial photograph of Orange Texas along the Sabine River. In the foreground is the railroad tracks and storage buildings, a ship is seen to the left. In the background is the Port of Orange. The building in the foreground is an older Port of Orange. Those buildings have been replaced with a newer Port of Orange. Levingston Shipyard would eventually build on the island in center left. Above the island is the town Orange, and in the background to the discerning eye is Consolidated Steel, or American Bridge division of US Steel and today Signal International.
Date: June 26, 1948
Creator: B.A. Lang
Partner: Heritage House Museum

[Holland Hotel]

Description: Photograph of the Holland hotel. There is a car parked in front of the hotel and a cable coming from the side of the building. There is an "Orange Chamber of Commerce" sign on the right of the image.
Date: 1940~
Creator: B.A. Lang
Partner: Heritage House Museum

[Don Sims]

Description: Headshot portrait of Don Sims wearing a naval uniform including a dark shirt with light stripes and hat. It is inscribed on back: " These pictures wouldn't have been half as good as they were if it hadn't been for you. I'll never forget them. You made it seem so easy, and now I say Thanks from the bottom of my heart. "Till I come Home" As Ever, Don."
Date: 1940~
Creator: Briggs, Osjetea
Partner: Anderson County Historical Commission

Painting of AT-11

Description: Photograph of a painting entitled "Childress Training Days" with a Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan flying over Childress Army Air Field, Texas. Childress, Texas is visible in the background behind the plane.
Date: 1944
Creator: Broome, Richard
Partner: Childress County Heritage Museum

[Orange National Bank]

Description: Photograph of Orange National Bank on the corner of Main and Fifth Streets. This is a two-story building with Corinthian columns on the front of it. Automobiles are in the streets outside the building.
Date: 1944~
Creator: Clough's
Partner: Heritage House Museum

Apperson Girl

Description: Two women. One is seated in a chair. The other is standing over her shoulder pointing out a Women's Auxillary Army Corps button on her lapel.
Date: May 1, 1943
Creator: Douglass, Neal
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

Arnold Chote and Buggy

Description: Man sitting in a horse-drawn buggy on a city street. Arnold Chote was the County Commissioner for Precinct 1 according to the Austin City Directory for 1942.
Date: February 3, 1942
Creator: Douglass, Neal
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library