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[First Christian Church Communion Table]

Description: Photograph of the First Christian Church communion table, which is carved with an inset of the Last Supper. The table was given in memory of the Charter Members of the Church, by the Loyal Women's Bible Class for the new sanctuary. The women had earned $1000 making all kinds of needlework, mostly quilting, for eight years to provide this gift to the congregation.
Date: 1956
Partner: First Christian Church of Port Arthur

[First Christian Church Summer Youth Meeting]

Description: Photograph of a First Christian Church Summer Youth Program meeting. Young man standing at left of photo not known. Front row - left to right: Phillip Foote, Norma Moss, Sylvia Swearingen, Sandra Brazil, Linda Douglas. Second row - left to right: Judy Dawson, Mary Evelyn Murphy, (girl sitting behind Sandra not identified), Darrell Evans, Ila Mae Prafka. Thirda row - left to right: Delmer Fussell, Bobby Morgan, Alline Dawson, Betty Murphy, (person sitting directly behind Ila Mae Prafka not identified).
Date: 1956
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography
Partner: First Christian Church of Port Arthur

[The "Queen's Own" in Paso del Macho Yards]

Description: Electric locomotive of the former Mexican Railway, the "Queen's Own" in the Paso del Macho yards around 1956. This railroad has operated under catenary from Paso del Macho to Esperanza since 1928. It is the only section of the National Railways of Mexico which is electrified. On this railroad you travel over one of the most spectacular rail routes on the North American continent. In the background looms the Cumbres de Maltrata range where a 4.5 per cent gradient must be traversed.
Date: 1956~
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad

["Texas Chief" in Oklahoma]

Description: Winding through the rugged countryside near Washita Canyon in Oklahoma, the Santa Fe's "Texas Chief" powered by four diesel units and a consist of eleven cars, rolls southward towards Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, and Galveston, Texas, circa 1956.
Date: 1956
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad

Two women standing in front of the Kiosco in Matamoros

Description: Two women in casual dress are standing in front of a tiled wall with a metal railing on top of it. In between them, on the wall, is a tiled sign that says: "Fue construida siendo gobernador del estado el Gral del Div. Raul Garate L. Presidente de la Junta de la Administracion Civil el Sr. Leonides Guerra Lo proyecto y contruyo el Arcto Enrique Leon de la Evsra 1948" Translation: "Was constructed while being governor. Raul Garate L. President of the Civil Administration, Mr. Leonides Guerra. Projected and built by architect Enrique Leon de Evsra 1948" This is the Kiosco in the main Plaza de Armas in Matamoros.
Date: 1956
Partner: Rose Marine Theatre

Board Room Meeting

Description: Photograph of seven men and a woman seated around a board room table during a meeting. There are stacks of paper on the table and maps hanging on the walls behind them.
Date: January 4, 1956
Creator: Douglass, Neal
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library