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F.H. Farwell
Studio portrait of F.H. Farwell. He is seated in an ornate wooden chair and is wearing a dark jacket, collared shirt, black tie, glasses and a ring. His left hand is propped up near his face. His dark hair is parted in the center. Printed on the bottom of the photograph is, "F.H. Farwell".
[Photograph of Men, Women, and a Baby at Lake Sabine]
Photograph (from left to right) of Jim Helton, Lillian Adams, Ruth Adams, Mrs. Hugh Cox, Mrs. L.B. Adams, Mrs. Pete Lausen, Hugh Cox, and a boy toddler. Four of the five women are wearing white dresses, four are wearing large hats, and two wear necklaces. The man on the left side of the photo is wearing a button-up shirt and tie, and the man on the right is wearing suspenders and a hat. Three women and one man are standing, and the rest are sitting on a log. In the background is a tree and Lake Sabine.