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[Demolition of a House]
Photo of the demolition of a large house in Palestine.
[Demolished House]
Photo of a house that had been demolished in Palestine.
[Unidentified Anderson County Family]
Photo of an unidentified Anderson County family standing in front of their home.
[Henzie House - Palestine]
Photo of the Henzie Home, which was located on Magnolia Street in Palestine.
[Collage of Houses]
Photo collage of some of the historical homes in Palestine
[Unidentified House]
Photo of an unidentified house in Palestine.
[Collage of House]
Photo collage of different historical houses located in Palestine.
[Collage of Homes]
Photo of a collage of Palestine historic homes.
[Unidentified House in the Snow]
Photo of an unidentified house in the snow.
[Ben Parker Homestead]
Photo of the Ben Parker Home, located west of Elkhart, Texas. People pictured are: (left to right) Ben J. Parker, Ross Parker, Lorene Parker, Estelle Parker (on porch), Joe Bailey Parker, Docia Parker (on porch in chair holding:) Dale Parker, Charm Parker, Jack Parker, Lucinda Ellen (Lula) Parker.
[Unidentified House]
Photo of an unidentified house in Palestine.
[Reagan School - 400 S. Michaux]
Photograph of the northwest corner of the Reagan School located at 400 S. Michaux in Palestine, Texas. The three-story brick building has Tudor Revival-style architectural features and served as a school for various grades between 1916 and 1976, later becoming a museum. A sign on the lawn says "Second Thoughts Thrift Shop."
[Chamber of Commerce]
Photo of the Palestine Chamber of Commerce.
[Unidentified Child]
Photo of an unidentified child.
[Reagan School - 400 S. Michaux]
Photograph of the south and east sides of the Reagan School located at 400 S. Michaux in Palestine, Texas. The three-story brick building has Tudor Revival-style architectural features and served as a school for various grades between 1916 and 1976, later becoming a museum. Playground equipment is visible in the foreground.
[Bolivar Street, Sanger, Texas]
Downtown Sanger looking east along Bolivar Street from the corner on Fifth Street. The native stone wall marks the edge of the square.
[Chamber of Commerce Saturday drawing]
Many people gather in downtown Sanger each Saturday for a cash drawing. Entries for the drawing were obtained by making a purchase from participating merchants during the preceding week. George W. (Speedy) Sullivan, standing on truck conducting the drawing. George A. Sullivan standing arms akimbo with straw hat.
[Train engine]
Santa Fe locomotive 4045 (4000 class) pulls into the Sanger depot. Cotton gin in the background and the hand laid brick platform in the foreground.
[Electric power plant installation]
Workers install new equipment at the original Sanger power plant.
[First National Bank]
Building on the corner of 3rd and Bolivar Streets. In 1899 Mr. Berry came to Sanger and with B.L. and J. W. Spencer bought the Farmers Bank of Sanger, changing the name to Farmers & Merchants Bank. It was chartered as First National Bank of Sanger in 1905.
[John & Lela Cafe]
Ice storm hits cafe on the SW corner of 5th & Bolivar. Coca Cola signs displayed prominently.
[First public water tower]
Dan Davis and Charlie Henderson owned and operated the first public water utility and electric power plant in Sanger. This water tank on wooden platform and tower, with work sheds and picket fence in foreground was built in 1906. It was on the south east corner of 4th and Locust Streets.
[Sanger School class picture 1930, Third Grade]
Mrs. Winnie Minick's third grade class of 1930 Front row: James Giles, Douglas Tippen, Don Hampton, Wayne Dickens, Troy Strickland Second row: Cynthia Crowson, unknown, Catherine Flowers, unknown, unknown, ___? Sims, Rebecca Batis, Alta F. Williams, Idaleene Scheu, unknown, Ouida F. Holt Third row: unknown, Woody Marion, unknown, ___? Marion, Franklin Landers, Winnie Minick, unknown, unknown, Walter Lee Jones Back row: Frank Lee Terrell, LeRoy Brown, unknown, unknown, ___? Belcher, unknown, Ralph Brewer, Billy Gentle, Dick Ready, Harold Sims
[Sanger School class picture 1923-24, First grade]
First grade class of Lila B. Koons. Front row: John Lewis Sullivan, Henry Lee Sullivan, Laverne Sullivan, Mary Ready, Dorothy Forrest, Rex Moore, Wilma Lou Atkins, Margaret Brown Second row: Marguerite Neal, E. Echols, Rob Chambers, Alyne Burkholder, ___? Yarbrough, James Ready, Mary Jone Batis, Jesse Earl Seal, ___? Duncan Back row: Cliff Wilson, Virginia Pritchett, Ben Dell Sullivan, Abbie Lee Gentle, Ernest Hopkins, unknown, Newton Stone, R. T. Martindale, Mrs. Koons
Home of Silk Finish Flour, Sanger, Texas
Aerial picture of mill, yard and outbuildings located on the east side of 2nd Street between Pecan and Plum Streets.. The mill was established in 1897.
Kimbell Mill and Elevator
Elevator, mill and residence located on the east side of 2nd Street between Pecan and Plum Streets.
[Tractors in front of O.M. Gentle Hardware store]
Six Mccormick Deering tractors and a touring car stand in front of the building on the corner of Fourth and Bolivar Streets. Building in the background is under construction.
Bunting Family
Group of four people, posing for photograph. Man and woman seated in center and two young ladies standing on the right and left. They are dressed in light summer clothing, posing in front of a palm tree.
Loggins Brothers
Group of men, all sons of Samuel Anderson Loggins, three seated in front and two standing in back. Left to right, seated: Hilbert, Homer and Samuel Standing: Quince and Howard
[Sanger School class picture 1923-24, Third Grade]
Mrs. Winnie Minick's Third grade class of 1923-24 Front row: first four unknown, Ocie Isbell, Jessie Alice Isbell, unknown, Alma Cowling Second row: Winnie Minnick, unknown, unknown, Florene Horst, Jessie Hopkins, next five unknown Back row: T. H. Pritchett, unknown, Hugh Wilfong, unknown, unknown, Maedell Isbell, Bessie Brown, Gale Draper, Alma McClendon
Tom M. Pool
Pencil drawing of Tom M Pool, on manilla paper
C M Cureton
Appears to be a photograph of an oil painting of C M Cureton, in a rectangular mat.
Dr J J Lumpkin's Sedan
Dr Lumpkin's sedan in front of old Emerson Hotel in Meridian. Unknown passenger on left and Mrs Lumpkin on right. Driver is Jerry Moore.
[Unidentified man]
Oval photograph of young man in gray suite with lapel pin and wearing glasses
Men Working at Clifton Lutheran College
10 workers in front of Clifton College, some holding tools and some resting on lumber. The men standing in front of the building are, left to right, Ole Knudson, Frederick Hogeroll, Aslak O Seljos, Torger T Hogeroll, Dan Nelson, N Jacob Nelson and Hendrick Dahl.
[Unidentified school group photograph ]
Students and faculty posing for school photograph, in front of unidentified white plank-board, one room schoolhouse
Confederate Veterans
Group of fourteen men posing for photo, two seated on step, some standing in back, some seated in front. Back row: Alfred Dale, V Wortham, Billie Lowden (first YMCA director in Waco), Joe Harris, Bob Snider, Jonathan McFadden Front row: Albert Sears, Joe McMurry, Calvin McSpadden, Enoch George, John Bostick
Bud Snell Wild West Show
12 men on horseback, dressed in cowboy outfits, in front of large audience of all ages
[Unidentified group]
Unidentified group at a formal dinner party, seated at table. Some are numbered on the photo; 1-Mrs R V Ferguson, 2-Mr R V Ferguson, 3-Mrs Marshall, 4-Harvey Hughes, 5-Mrs Josephine Fields, 6-Mr Muirhead, 7-Loreen Alexander, 8- Drahn Foster, 9-Felix Harris, 10-Hallie Simpson, 11-Louie Crow, 12-Miriam Turner, 13-Marie Cureton, 14-Mrs Jennie A Crow, 15-H J Cureton, 16-Bailey Hughes, 17-Senator Earl B Mayfield, 18-hodges Hughes, the honored guest, 19-Willis Turner
[Woodmen of the World]
Large group of men, women and children posing in front of Iredell Hotel, some standing on balcony, and some standing on porch, back of photograph says "Daddy is standing by post on lower porch" and "Taken in Iredell at time of Hickory Walling Unveiling, August 1905"
[Woodmen of the World]
Large group, men, women and children, possibly Woodmen of the World, posing for photograph in Iredell.
Veterans and Dames of 1846
Group of men and women posing on the steps of the Tarrant County Courthouse, first row is seated and six rows standing on steps. Photograph taken by Charles L Swartz, May 22, 1902. Mrs. M. Moore Murdock, founder of The Dames of 1846, is seated in the center of the front row.
[Unidentified group photograph]
Unidentified group of men, women and children posing on the banks of the Bosque River, two girls in front, some of the group are sitting in front row, and some standing in back. All (but the two men in the front row) are wearing hats.
Woodmen of the World Picnic
Group of men, women and children, posing under a large oak tree, two little girls posing in front, one sitting on a log and the other holding an axe, taken August 10th, 1899
Girls Playing at Cranfils Gap School
Group of 19 young girls playing tug-of-war at the Cranfils Gap School, in 1914. R-L: Jewel Reesing, Jennie Christenson, Ada Grimland, Vivian Gardner, Agnes Arnerson, Minnie cox, Nadine Spensor, Thelma Perry, Orelia Grimland, lorene Bronstad, Maggie Perry, Willie Mae Hanson, Veta Cox, Beatrice Bertelsen, Leona Parsons, Gladys Tindall and Addie Cox
Old Clifton Mill
Shows complete stone structure with partial view of dam in back. The Bosque River is in forefront, but show where water runs under mill.
Nelson Brothers Monuments
Shows building front with raised tin siding, with cemetery stone markers and statues in front of building on gravel lot. Photo taken by Gildersleeve of Waco.
Parade Float: The Clifton Record
The Clifton Record (newspaper) parade float. Sign on the side of the carriage says "Take the Record".
[parade float #3]
A parade float.
[parade float #2]
A parade float. Sign on cow appears to read "Grimland". Sign on wagon appears to read "H. A. Nelson" (perhaps Hendrick Augustus Nelson).