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Rescuing Texas History, 2007 - Browse

Young African American Talking to Reporter
Man sitting at desk
Aerial views
Looking NW from about the north approach from Lamar bridge. At the lower right, RR tracks cross Lamar Blvd. and note the RR Depot in the mid center of photograph and the water tank toward the bottom left. West 6th St runs in the center from left to right.
At the piano
man playing piano
[Heman] Sweatt in UT Registration
Photograph of Heman Sweatt seated at a table with a woman looking at paperwork, at the Registration Office at the University of Texas at Austin.
[Heman] Sweatt in UT Registration
Photograph of Heman Sweatt talking to a woman in the University of Texas at Austin Registration Office.
Street Scene: KTBC, US Cafe
City street scene
Jet taking off highway
Photograph of an airplane preparing to take off from a highway.
Maple Wood School under construction
Photograph of Maple Wood School under construction.
Interior of Engine Works
stacks of materials
Lefty Speed
Leaning to HIS right
Anderson High school - "three sites"
Mr. and Mrs. Burns
Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Burns on their Golden Anniversary.
Display of "Home on the Range" Yesterday/Today
2 women looking in oven
House at 7th and Blanco (rfs)
Joe Louis at circus - animal acts. etc
Boxer with lions
Anderson High School - "three sites"
school buildings
Francis Furniture Fire
Interior view of Bed & Bedding department
The New Orleans Club - exterior shot; interior shot - Ernie Mae Miller at the piano
Ernie Mae Miller at piano
Sun bonneted woman w/celery plant
Francis Furniture Fire
Two firemen on ladder
Farmers with sheep
Three men, one woman, one child with sheep, cows
Francis Furniture Fire
Facade of damaged building, House of Maple
Men standing around desk
Group of men around desk
Miss Baradi, Senate Chamber
3 women in period costume
Wedding ceremony at St. Mary's (rfs)
[Two Tractors on the Kishi Farm]
Photograph of two tractors on the Kishi Farm in Terry, Texas. One has the words, "Minneapolis, Universal Farm Motor" written on its front.
Four Generations of Women, Portrait
Studio photograph three women and a baby. The elderly woman and the youngest woman are seated and the young woman holds the infant. All the women wear elegant jeweled dresses and the young woman's dress is dark and wears earrings. The infant is wearing a long white dress. Hanging on the wall behind them is a tapestry and there is a rug on the floor. Embossed on the bottom border are the words, "Campbelle Studios".
Dr. Elmer Clark Schofield
Studio portrait of the bust of Dr. Elmer Clark Schofield. He is wearing a dark coat, white collared shirt, tie, lapel and hat. He has white hair.
Dr. Clark E. Phillips
Studio portrait of Dr. Clark E. Phillips. He is wearing a high collared white shirt, a dark buttoned coat, and a tie. He is dark hair that is parted on the side. The photograph is cropped within an oval.
Five Loving Cups on a Table Outside
Photograph of five trophies on top of a small table outside. The trophies are called "Loving Cups". Behind the table is a large lawn and in the background a row of trees and houses.
Dr. Burr Family
Family portrait of the Dr. Burr family. There are four men and four women. Three of the women are seated. One wears a white blouse and skirt, the elderly woman in the center wears a black dress and glasses and looks at the camera, and the other seated woman wears a dress with a dark shawl with lace. The young standing woman wears a dark dress with white lace and a bow. The men stand behind the seated women and wear dark suits with ties. They are in-between four potted ferns that sit on top of doily-covered tables. The room is wallpapered and there is a rug on the floor. Written on the bottom border is, "Mahoney".
Nine Loving Cups
Photograph of nine trophies, also called "Loving Cups". There are dog figures on top of three of them. The trophies are silver colored and sit on top of a black tablecloth.
[Kichimatsu Kishi]
Photograph of Kichimatsu Kishi, a Japanese businessman who founded a 3500- acre rice colony at Terry, Texas in 1908 on the Southern Pacific Railroad between Orange and Beaumont.
Lumber Mill and Workers
Photograph of the interior of a lumber mill with several workers living in it. Some of the workers wear overalls and all wear hats. In the foreground is a large machine with wooden boards on top of it. The roof is made of wooden beams.
Mrs. Smith With Her Twins
Photograph of a Mrs. Smith with her twin babies. She is holding the babies in her lap, one in each arm. The babies wear white dresses and there is a blanket beneath them. Mrs. Smith wears a large light-colored apron and is looking down at the twin in her left arm.
[Salvation Army Commander Hogg]
Photograph of Salvation Army Commander Hogg in his uniform.
Dr. Jesse James Davis with Tobacco Pipe
Portrait of a seated Dr. J.J. Davis looking right with a tobacco pipe, glasses, and pens in his pocket. According to his great granddaughter, Dr. Davis was a photographer on the side and this is one of many self-portraits that he took.
[Boy Scout Band at the top of Pike's Peak]
Photograph of the Lutcher Stark Boy Scouts' Band atop Pike's Peak in Colorado. They are in uniform and have their musical instruments with them.
Four Women on a Ladder
Photograph of four women standing on a ladder that is leaning against a water cistern. Louise Howell Conn is on the bottom rung and Alyce Howell is just above her with two unidentified women above them. They all wear blouses and long skirts. Alyce Howell wears a neck tie. In the background are houses, trees and fences.
Ruth Fielder Adams
Photograph of Ruth Adams. She is wearing a printed dress with puffy sleeves, a necklace and a bracelet. She is holding a handkerchief in her left hand and an umbrella over her right shoulder. In the background are trees and a large house.
Elizabeth Neff
Studio photograph of the bust of Elizabeth Neff. She is wearing a dark dress with a large polka-dotted collar and earrings. Her hair is short, dark, parted, and curled.
J.O. Sims House
Photograph of J.O. Sims two-story house. The house is surrounded by other houses, sheds, trees and telephone poles.
Clyde "Speedy" Martin
Portrait of Clyde "Speedy" Martin standing on a chair. He is wearing a white smock with a wide dark belt, a large bow tie and dark shoes. His hair is parted in the middle.
[Two Men Running a Tractor in a Field]
Photograph of two men on a tractor with a cultivator in a field.
[Two Men Running a Tractor in a Field]
Photograph of two men with a tractor and cultivator in a field.
[Team of Mules Pulling Cultivator at Kishi Farm]
Photograph of a man standing on a cultivator being pulled by four mules in a field.
Young Man in Hat
Photograph of a young man in a suit with a white collar and a circular hat. The photograph is cropped within an oval.
Dr. George Y. Swickard
Photograph of Dr. George Y. Swickard. He is seated, wearing a button-up short-sleeve shirt with paper and a pen in the front pocket. He has a mustache and is balding. His hands are turning pages of a book that is in front of him.
[Toki Kishi]
Photograph of Tobi Kishi standing near a building with flowers growing nearby. She wears a dress.
James Neff
Studio photograph of the bust of James Neff. He is wearing a pinstripe suit, a white collared shirt, and a striped tie. His hair is white, wavy, and parted on the side.