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[Steamboat Pearl Plant]

Description: Photograph of steamboat "Pearl Plant" near Front at Third Street. There are many people on the decks on the boat. The steamboat has two large smoke stacks. There is a man smoking a pipe on the bottom left of the photograph.
Date: 1880~/1889~
Partner: Heritage House Museum

[Celebration in Stark Park]

Description: Photograph of large celebration. There are many people standing and seated at a long table . There is an American flag on the right side of the photograph and other people in front of houses in the background. Front of photograph: "#22 Celebration in Stark Park. Occasion unknown. Early 1920's. Stark carriage house in background."
Date: 1920~/1929~
Partner: Heritage House Museum

[Construction at fleet berthing facility]

Description: Photograph of construction at the fleet berthing facilities in Orange, Texas. There is a motorboat docked along the shoreline in the foreground. Text in the lower-right corner says: "Brown & Root Inc. Contract Noy 13234. Fleet berthing facilities Orange, Texas. View of Const. from across river Opp. Pier 6. 7/19/46 No. 61."
Date: July 19, 1946
Partner: Heritage House Museum

Thompson Home in 1895

Description: Photograph of the Thompson home in 1895. The house has a large porch and balconies with a bay window and two chimneys. On the left side of the frame is a large greenhouse. Surrounding the house are several shrubs and trees. In front of the house is a picket fence and gate and there is a snow on the ground.
Date: unknown
Partner: Heritage House Museum