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[407 E. Kolstad - Mallard Alexander House]

Description: One of the oldest homes in Palestine, this house was built using slave labor in 1848 by Judge John B. Mallard. Surrounded by stately oak and cedar trees, it continues to be on its original foundation of one and one-half foot cedar logs and has been repaired and remodeled by later owners. Marked by the State of Texas n 1952, it has been the home of the Forrest Bradberrys since 1957. Judge Mallard and his wife, the former Susan S. Scott, came to Texas from Mississippi in 1845 and settled at Old Fort Houston. In February 1846, he moved to Palestine, the new county seat of Anderson County which had been organized that same year, and purchased ten acres, known as the Mallard Block. This acreage was located just north of the then city limits which is now in Old Town Palestine. The Mallards had seven children including Mrs. Bettie Oder, a beloved teacher in Palestine for forty-six years. Mrs. Oder was born at this home in 1849 and died in Houston in 1940. Also born here was Mrs. Barbara Alexander Eppner. The first census of early Palestine was compiled n 1848 by Mrs. John Mallard, and included the families living in the original town site, a total of 148 whites and 31 negro slaves. Judge Mallard, the first lawyer to practice in Palestine, served as a member of the Fifth Texas Legislature, and was the second Chief Justice of Anderson County. In 1852, he formed a law partnership with Judge William Alexander and Judge John H. Reagan. In 1854, Judge Mallard died and on March 8, 1857, his widow married Judge Alexander. Judge William Alexander, born in Scotland on September 10, 1814, came to Galveston in 1850 and on to Palestine. In 1860, shortly before the outbreak of the ...
Date: 1930~
Partner: Palestine Public Library

[1003 N. Link - H.H. Link House]

Description: Close-up photograph of the front walk leading to the entrance of the "H.H. Link House" located at 1003 N. Link in Palestine, Texas. It is a two-story, white house with both Queen Anne and Classical Revival-style architectures, including two-story Ionic columns across the front.
Date: 1930~
Partner: Anderson County Historical Commission

[1003 N. Link - H.H. Link House]

Description: Photograph of the front of the "H.H. Link House" located at 1003 N. Link in Palestine, Texas. It is a two-story, white house with both Queen Anne and Classical Revival-style architectures, including two-story Ionic columns across the front.
Date: 1930~
Partner: Anderson County Historical Commission

[1101 N. Perry - Howard House]

Description: The Howard House was the former home of Colonel George Howard and his wife, Cornelia Cox Howard. Built in 1851 the house is located on land deeded August 17, 1850 to Colonel Howard from Judge Reuben Reeves and his wife, Sarah. Colonel Howard and Mrs. Howard came to Palestine from Tennessee in 1849. Given the title of Colonel when he organized a company of men during the Civil War, he later served in the Texas Legislature, held several county offices and was Mayor of Palestine from 1886-1887. Colonel Howard was an active merchant in Palestine and in 1855 his store was located on the east side of the courthouse square. The Howard House of Greek revival influence is one of the best preserved examples of the ante bellum homes in the city. A walk of handmade brick leads to the house with its pillared portico and a center hall runs through the house with rooms on either side. There are a number of furnishings and other interesting items which are original to the house including a beautifully carved piano. The home remained in the possession of descendants of the Howard family until it was purchased by the City of Palestine on November 23, 1964 for a museum. Since that time it has been repaired and is being furnished by various organizations for meetings.
Date: 1930~
Partner: Palestine Public Library

[1938 Palestine High School Band]

Description: Photo of the 1938 Palestine High School band, marching in the Anderson County Fair Parade on Monday October 10, 1938 in downtown Palestine.
Date: October 10, 1938
Partner: Anderson County Historical Commission

1939 Graduating Class of Morgan High School

Description: Group of graduates from the class of 1939, from Morgan High School, seven girls seated in front, row of ten students and faculty standing in back, taken by a brick building, photgraphed by Goodwin of Dallas. First row, seated, left to right: Willie May Legion, Doris Rasmuson, Thelma Morris, Elsie Kirton, Minnie Ruth Mooney, Reba McCullough, Corine Waldrop. Back row, standing, left to right: Lou Ella Linam, John Edward Linam, Dorothy Thompson, James Kelly Cook, Homer Brown, Oma Lee Hix, Bernay Martin, Morris Johnson, Jigs Weehunt, Pauline Kirton
Date: 1939
Partner: Bosque County Historical Commission

[Alamo School - Third and Fourth Grade Classes]

Description: Photo of the third and fourth grade classes of Alamo School. A partial list of the students are as follows: Doris Parnell Elizabeth Link
Date: c. 1930
Partner: Anderson County Historical Commission

Austin Views/UT Tower

Description: Looking north at the University of Texas at Austin Tower under construction.
Date: January 1, 1937
Creator: Douglass, Neal
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

[Automobile Parked outside of Post Office]

Description: Photograph of Ellison Crew and an automobile outside of the Post Office in Orange, Texas. The vehicle is loaded with bags of mail.
Date: 1932
Partner: Heritage House Museum

[Avenue A - Palestine]

Description: Photo of Aveune A from what appears to be the top of courthouse looking west.
Date: c. 1930
Partner: Palestine Public Library

Birthday Party for Mrs R V Ferguson

Description: Large group of people atteding a birtday party honoring Mrs R V Ferguson, given by John Sleeper at the Boating and Fishing Club in Waco on December 15, 1938. They are dressed formally, some are seated in chairs in front row and some are standing in back. Those attending: Mrs Allen D Sanford, Mr John Sleeper, Mrs R V Ferguson, Mr Allen D Sanford, Miss Minnie Killough, Judge P S Hale, Mrs R L Baldridge, Mr H J Cureton, Mrs A J Hall, Mr Tom M Sleeper, Mrs Jennie Crow, Judge W M Sleeper, Mrs P S Hale, Mr R L Baldridge, Mrs W M Sleeper, Mr R V Ferguson, Mrs John Sleeper, Dr A J Hall, Mrs Ida E Lumpkin, Mr R M Killough, Mrs Tom M Sleeper, Mr Frank Woodruff, Miss Mary Pearl Hale, Mrs Hattie Bush, Mrs Craig Logan, Miss Marjorie Hale, Mr Craig Logan, Mrs H J Cureton, Miss Susie Sleeper
Date: 1938
Partner: Bosque County Historical Commission

Buddy Sinclair in boat made by father 1938

Description: Photograph of L. M. "Buddy" Sinclair driving a boat that his father made. Buddy served in the 36th Infantry Division during World War II.
Date: 1938
Partner: Sulphur Springs Public Library

[Burning of the White Elephant Ceremony]

Description: Photograph of the congregation of the First Christian Church in Port Arthur, Texas. The large group of men, women, and children are posing in a semicircle in between the church and an unidentifiable building.
Date: September 1931
Creator: Parson Studio
Partner: First Christian Church of Port Arthur

[Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad's suburban passenger train]

Description: This photograph depicts one of the Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad's suburban passenger trains departing from 64th Street Station Chicago. The train is headed by Engine No. 210 - a Prairie type 2-6-2 locomotive, with a consist of five standard heavyweight passenger coaches.
Date: c. 1934
Creator: Hastman, Lee
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad

[Childress High School Boys Football Team 1930]

Description: Photograph of Childress High School Boys Football Team in 1930. The members are posing in three rows, the back two rows are standing and the front row is sitting. Two men in suits are standing on the right hand side of the photograph. The football players are wearing their team sweaters which displays a large "C". They are standing in front of an unidentifiable brick building.
Date: 1930
Partner: Childress County Heritage Museum

[Cincinnati Union Station]

Description: One of the nation's greatest railroad terminals, the Cincinnati Union Station, March 1933. This terminal was designed to accommodate, daily, 17,000 people and 216 trains (108 inbound and 108 outbound). This station has eight platforms serving 16 tracks. Each platform has length of 1,600 feet. This terminal represents a total investment in excess of forty-one million dollars.
Date: March 1933
Creator: Nowak, Ed
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad

Clifton High School Senior Class of 1936

Description: Group photograph of thirty three students and faculty members, or the senior class of Clifton High School, class of 1936. Pictured left to right; 1st row: Omar Jones, Aubrey Dahl, Carl Burton Caldwell, Jack Nabors, Joe Dahl, C.E.Schow, Woodrow Forson 2nd row: Mary Kilpatrick, Ruth Dyess, Johnnie Dyess, Nadene Ross, Jo Prigmore, Alice Mary Nelson, Edna Bergman, Reva Humphries 3rd row: Leon Eckert, Olive J. Dahl, Frances Hutcherson, Noryene Oswald, Superintendent W.D. Raley, Principal Oris Pierson, Mildred Hill, Juanita Jenson, Ann Rea, Alvin Jorgenson 4th row: Hugh Bronstad, Charles Reese, David Helton, John Christenson, P.O. Dahl, T.O. Swenson, Leo Albrecht, Joe Cooper Not present - Anna Marie Seljos R
Date: 1936
Partner: Bosque County Historical Commission

Clifton Senior Class of 1937

Description: Class photograph of seniors and faculty of the class of 1937, Clifton, posing in front of school Left to Right 1st row: Arthur Bronstad, Harlan Hoel, Joseph Knust, James Dickson, Billy Pool, Edward Peterson, Forrest Hyde 2nd row: Anita Kruze, Minnie Lee Ledlow, Dorothy Jenson, Maudie Lee Anderson,Jewel Hyde, Christine Christenson, Lorene Larson, Jennie Mae Larson, Jewel Clark, Lloyd Orbeck 3rd row: Mary Adams, Netie Louise Whitley, Superintendent W.D. Raley, Georgana Swenson, Mozelle Murphree, Principal Oris Pierson, Eunice Reesing, Doranne Poulson, Lucille Fort, Elizabeth Torrence, Lunelle Alexander 4th row: Carl Rystad, Ralph Wiede, Clinton Bergman, J.C. Lyon, Willie Hafer, Ebner Bergman, Clarence Handley, Bub Spangler, J.W. Calvert, Elmer Z. Rice
Date: 1937
Partner: Bosque County Historical Commission