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["The Grand Canyon" in Cajon Pass]

Description: Photograph taken in the summer of 1951. "The Grand Canyon" Santa Fe No. #3775, a 3765 Class Northern, is eastbound roaring through Cajon Pass while a freight train waits on the side. The cantilever signal was very common when the photo was taken, but now have been mostly replaced.
Date: 1951
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad

[The "Hustler" entering Dallas]

Description: Southern Pacific's the "Hustler" train No. 15 northbound, headed by Engine No.650, a streamlined type 4-6-2 locomotive, entering Dallas Union Station on its run from Houston. The train is passing under the electric street railway viaduct (destroyed in the late 1950s) which spanned the railroad tracks and crossed over the Trinity River. Electric street cars to and from Oak Cliff and Interurban cars of the Northern Texas Traction Company and Texas Electric Railway used this double track facility.
Date: 1951~
Creator: Plummer, Roger S.
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad

["The Lone Star Limited" at the Dallas Union Terminal]

Description: The St. Louis Southwestern (Cotton Belt) Railway's "Lone Star Limited" train No. 11, westbound, headed by Engine No 677, a Mountain type 4-8-2 locomotive, at the Dallas Union Terminal Station. It has completed the run from Memphis, Tennessee. This was one of the finest passenger trains operating in the Southwest. t
Date: June 1951
Creator: Plummer, Roger S.
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad

[Pennsy's Horseshoe Curve]

Description: This photograph depicts the most famous stretch of railroad main line in the world as it appeared in the autumn of 1951- the Pennsy's Horseshoe Curve, located in Kittanning Gap in Pennsylvania. In this scene a Pennsylvania K4s locomotive acts as a "helper" on the head-end of a diesel powered train.
Date: 1951
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad

[Stark Hi Twirlers]

Description: Photograph of seven girls who are members of the "Stark Hi Twirlers" They wear uniforms and boots and carry batons. They are posed as if marching across a field.
Date: 1951
Creator: Flickinger, B.D.
Partner: Heritage House Museum

[Trio of Musicians]

Description: Photograph of three men performing. The two men in the front are playing a violin and an accordion, respectively; the third man, standing behind them, is playing a mandolin.
Date: September 29, 1951
Creator: Douglass, Neal
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library