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[I&GN Train in Palestine]

Description: Photo of an International and Great Northern Train moving through Palestine. Note the Temple Opera House in the background. This photo was taken from the south side of the tracks looking toward the northeast.
Date: 1890~
Partner: Palestine Public Library

Hico Main Street

Description: Shows five store front, with scattered bystanders. Main focus is wagon pulled by team of ten oxen. Two other wagons in background, with two men in front wagon, one man alongside. Street is dirt, and can see telegraph poles.
Date: 1890~
Partner: Bosque County Historical Commission

[Lois and Lelia Broyles Near Broyles House]

Description: Photograph of Lois and Lelia Broyles in a horse-drawn buggy in front of the Broyles Home, located at 1305 S. Sycamore in Palestine, Texas. The home is a 2 ½-story frame house with Queen Anne-style architecture; this picture was taken soon after this house was built.
Date: 1896~
Location Info:
Partner: Anderson County Historical Commission

Mrs. A.J. Bancroft and Son Arthur

Description: Studio photograph of Mrs. A.J. Bancroft and her son Arthur. She is standing and wearing a dark dress with a jacket, leather gloves, a scarf and decorative hat. Arthur is seated in an elaborately carved chair and wearing a suit with a vest and necktie. His hair is white and he has a mustache. Mrs. Bancroft's hand is on her son's arm. Printed across the bottom of the mat is, "Sellman & Co. The Studio, Huddersfield and St. Annes on the sea."
Date: 1893
Creator: Sellman and Company
Partner: Heritage House Museum

[Palestine Calender Club - 1896]

Description: Photograph of the Palestine Calender Club Calender, which was printed in 1896. The calender has photos of the following people, who were prominent businessmen in Palestine at the time: January - Frank Hufsmith February - Henry Ash March - A. Teah April - W.J. Taylor May - D.J. Price June - J.W. Cuningham July - V.F. DuBose August - A.R. Howard September - N.R. Royall October - E.C. Manson November - W.M. Lacy December - Geo. A. Wright
Date: 1896
Partner: Anderson County Historical Commission

[Portrait of an African American Boy]

Description: Convex portrait of a young African American male. He is wearing a very large hat. The back of the image has a label that reads: "PASCO. Robert Pelan. Lot #7979. Grade - crayon. Face Artist 3. This portrait guaranteed by maker."
Date: 1890~
Creator: PASCO - Robert Pelan
Partner: Dallas Heritage Village

School Children in 1894

Description: Photograph of a group of twenty-five schoolchildren posed with their female teacher. There are fourteen girls and eleven boys. The girls wear dresses, four wear pinafores, and one has bows in her hair. The boys wear knickers with jackets and large collars. The school teacher wears a black dress. Behind the group is dark open doorway and a shuttered window.
Date: 1894
Partner: Heritage House Museum

Scrivner Family photo album

Description: Brown velvet-cushioned photo album with pale yellow letters and designs containing studio portraits of members of the Scrivner, Vise and Gross families. Page 1: Will and Ella Gross with their two sons and daughter Page 2: First of Will Gross' sons. Page 3: Second of Will Gross' sons Page 4: Children of Henry Scrivner Page 5: Woman wearing a dress and holding a gun and a riding crop. Only identified as Belle. Page 6: Unidentified baby Page 7: Lewis Gross as a child Page 8: Neely Scrivne Page 9: Ella Gross Page 10: Theo Scrivner, Jr. Page 11: Theo Scrivner, Sr. Page 12: Bess Scrivner as a child Page 13: Russell Scrivner as a child Page 14: Neely Scrivner Page 15: Sammie VIse Page 16: Elizabeth Scrivner Page 17: Mary E. Scrivner Page 18: Woman identified as Ida of Winchester, VA Page 19: Mary Adelia Ann Scrivner Vise Page 20: Bess Scrivner Lewis Page 21: Crocket Scrivner Page 22: Philip Scrivner Page 23: Bess Scrivner Page 24: Will Gross Page 25: Ed Scrivner Page 26: Helen Hudson Page 27: Nannie George Scrivner Page 28: Top left - Unidentified woman Top right - Unidentified child Bottom left - Woman identified as Sallie Bottom right - Arthur Kincaid Page 29: Top left - Unidentified woman in a gray outfit Top right - Unidentified woman in a white dress Bottom left - Same woman as picture in top left but in a different outfit Page 30: Bottom left - Elle Richard Cruse Bottom right - Anne Gross Scrivner
Date: 1890~
Partner: Private Collection of Charles R. Delphenis