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Photograph of group "Trio Los Mexicanos"

Description: Three brothers named Victor, Juan and Salvador pose as the group "Trio Los Mexicanos" "The Mexican Trio" Autograph in top left corner: "Con nuestro mas sincero cariƱo para nuestra linda amiguita Sra. "Maria". Un recuerdo. Victor Rocha Diaz Juan Rocha Diaz Salvador Rocha Diaz 12-2-51"
Date: unknown
Partner: Rose Marine Theatre

[Photograph of Women on River Boat]

Description: Photograph of Marie Burkhaler, Harvest Queen and Vivian Osio plus an unknown woman sitting on a river boat called "Maria" while other boats pass by them. The man in the background is Hiram Parks. The photograph was taken at Xochimilco Lake in Mexico City.
Date: February 1949
Partner: Rose Marine Theatre