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316 North-single family dwelling

Description: A photograph of a house at 316 North Street, San Antonio. It is a bungalow-style house with four steps leading up to the screened front door. It has a fenced well tended front yard area and the entire house has a tidy and well-kept appearance. It is located in an area that was redeveloped because of HemisFair '68.
Date: 196u
Partner: UT San Antonio Libraries Special Collections

410 Water-multi-family dwelling

Description: Black and white photograph of a two story multi-family dwelling located at 410 Water. The porch has four columns and is topped by an upstairs porch that also has four columns. The upstairs porch is partially screened in, seven windows on the upstairs right side of the dwelling are visible, and a chimney can be seen on the roof. A construction work truck with two workmen is parked next to the building and a car is driving in front of the building. Next to the dwelling on the left hand side is a two story brick building that may be a store front although there are no visible signs. There are several electrical poles in the forefront and a no parking sign on the street as well as a random scattering of trees. The buildings are located in an area that was redeveloped because of HemisFair '68.
Date: 196u
Partner: UT San Antonio Libraries Special Collections

S.A.&A.P./Southern Pacific Depot in Beeville

Description: Photograph of the S.A.&A.P./Southern Pacific Railroad Depot in Beeville. The marker for the railroad in Bee County is on the site of the old depot. On June 14, 1886, the first San Antonio and Aransas Pass train arrived in Beeville to a cheering crowd. The arrival of the railroad to Bee County came after Uriah Lott, the man responsible for building the S.A.&A.P. railroad, made a formal railroad proposition to Frank O. Skidmore, a wealthy stockman on the Aransas River, asking for a $100,000 bonus to bring the railroad to Bee County. Mr. Lott appealed to stockmen interested in hauling their cattle to market. The committee in charge of raising the bonus was made up of A.C. Jones and John W. Flournoy. In January 1886 Sheriff D.A. T. Walton showed Mr. Lott around Bee County by buggy, and the committee informed him that they had already raised $55,000. Uriah Lott then headed his railroad through Bee County. After the takeover of S.A.&A.P by Southern Pacific in 1925, the depot became an S.P. station. In 1958, the depot was razed, and the last train left Bee County in 1994. Before the railroad all freighting was done by wagon, and most of it came from Saint Mary's on the coast. D.B. Stafford was the first depot agent for S.A.&A.P. and later the first agent for the S.P. Railroad.
Date: 192u
Partner: Bee County Historical Commission

[Abbie Hevron Hackley]

Description: Photograph of 1 person. There are two images of Abbie Hevron Hackley in two similar bust poses. She is wearing a velour-like dress, and a jewel clip in her hair.
Date: unknown
Creator: Born, Julius
Partner: River Valley Pioneer Museum

Actors at HemisFair '68

Description: Photograph of actors acting out a play at HemisFair '68. All of the actors are female. There are two adult actors standing to the left, one of them wearing a tiger-like costume. The other standing actor is dressed in an oriental-patterned robe. There is a small group of child actors kneeling in the background, and some are wearing Oriental-type dresses.
Date: 1968
Partner: UT San Antonio Libraries Special Collections