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[Charlie Standifer Holding a Turkey By His Side]

Description: Photograph of Charlie Standifer standing in an expansive field where cattle can be seen grazing in the distance. He is holding a turkey at his side and in his other hand he is holding a jug. He is wearing a long-sleeve, collared button-up shirt and pants that are held up by a belt.
Date: 1900~
Partner: Matthews Family and Lambshead Ranch

[Lower Valley School Students]

Description: Photograph of Lower Valley School students posing outside the schoolhouse for a class portrait. Half the students are sitting in a car and the other half are sitting and standing in two rows in front of the car. The third boy from the right in the second row from the bottom is Walter Stapper. The girl on the right end of the second row from the bottom is Linda Stapper.
Date: 1909~
Partner: Northeast Lakeview College

[Mabel Addison Bowen]

Description: Photograph of 1 person. Mabel Addison Bowen is photographed in a torso length three quarter pose facing right. She has freckles. She is wearing a high collar shirt under a collared blouse with tucks at the shoulders and pockets on each side. There is a handkerchief in the left pocket. A polka dot scarf is tied in front. The girl also has a large fancy hat with bows and a bow in the back of her hair. 1905 is written at the bottom of the picture.
Date: 1905
Creator: Born, Julius
Partner: River Valley Pioneer Museum

[Six Women Posing for a Portrait]

Description: Photograph of six women wearing white high-collar blouses and ornate hats. The photo is shaped into an oval and set into a mat. Numbers are written in pencil around the photo, corresponding to the following women: 1 - Susette Matthews, 2 - Beulah Casey, 3 - Johnie Le Mond, 4 - Carrie Hoover, 5 - ?, 6 - Ruby Conrad.
Date: July 4, 1902
Partner: Matthews Family and Lambshead Ranch

[Two Women Standing Outside of a House]

Description: Photograph of two women standing just outside a house, each of them poised near a plant. On the left is the elderly Anne Maria Reynolds, who is wearing a black shawl and a long-sleeved dress with a full length skirt, standing next to a floral bush. On the right a relatively younger woman, also wearing a long-sleeved dress, is standing next to a larger, leafy plant; she is holding a vine from the plant in front of her. The reverse side is inscribed with "G. T. R., Easter Greetings from Sisters Kodak."
Date: 1900
Partner: Matthews Family and Lambshead Ranch

[Two Women with a Baby]

Description: Photograph of Susette Matthews and Netta Pyle seated on a bench with a toddler-aged Bill Nail between them. While holding the child up on its feet, Matthews gives it a kiss. Both women are dressed in early twentieth century Gibson Girl fashion.
Date: 1900~
Partner: Matthews Family and Lambshead Ranch

[Two Young Boys on Horseback]

Description: Photograph of two young boys seated atop a couple of horses that have been saddled and reined. They are both wearing newsboy caps, long-sleeved shirts that tie at the collar, knee-length shorts, and socks. A couple of boys are standing behind them. A vine-covered house is partially visible in the background.
Date: 1900
Partner: Matthews Family and Lambshead Ranch