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Albert Lawrence Bates Fingerprint Card, 1933 (Oklahoma City Police Department)

Description: Oklahoma City Police Department fingerprint card for Albert Lawrence Bates. It includes a list of his criminal record dating from 1916 to 1933 plus a mugshot. Albert L. Bates (October 16, 1893-July 4, 1948) was an American bank robber and burglar during the 1920s and 1930s. He used a number of different aliases during his criminal career including George Davis, George Harris and J.B. King. He was the longtime partner of George "Machine Gun" Kelly and participated in the kidnapping of oil tycoon Charles Urschel in 1933. He died in Alcatraz Prison in 1948.
Date: unknown
Creator: Oklahoma City (Okla.). Police Dept.
Partner: Dallas Municipal Archives

[Clyde Champion Barrow Wanted Report, 08/05/1932 - Dallas, Texas Police Department]

Description: Wanted report for Clyde Barrow on the charges of murder and assailant to murder at Atoka, Oklahoma on August 5, 1932. It states that with his accomplice, Raymond Hamilton, shot and killed the Deputy Sheriff and wounded the Sheriff. This is a copy report from Atoka, Oklahoma that was filed in Dallas, Texas.
Date: unknown
Creator: Dallas (Tex.). Police Department.
Partner: Dallas Municipal Archives

[Portraits of Five Children and a Baby]

Description: Photograph of 6 people. This photograph is of two portraits. The photograph's envelope says the names F.B. Harman and Yula Fay Wheeler, but does not indicate their significance to the photograph. The first portrait is of a young girl and a young boy sitting on either side of a baby on a bench that appears to be covered in fabric. Standing behind them are two boys and a girl. The two girls and the baby have dresses on and the girl sitting down has a large bow in her hair. The three boys have on button-down shirts and pants. The two boys standing behind the bench are looking directly at the camera, the baby is looking off to the left, and the two girls and the boy on the bench are looking slightly to the right. The second portrait is of the girl sitting on the bench and the two boys that were standing in the first portrait now sitting on either side of the girl. Each of the boys has one arm around the girl's shoulders in the second portrait and they are all three looking directly at the camera.
Date: unknown
Creator: Born, Julius
Partner: River Valley Pioneer Museum

[Ronald Reagan Shaking Watt Matthews' Hand]

Description: Photograph of President Ronald Regan congratulating Watt Reynolds Matthews at the Cowboy Hall of Fame. The men are facing the camera shaking hands and standing in front of a blue backdrop. Written on the mat below the photo is the inscription: "To Watt Matthews With Best Wishes - Ronald Regan." Photo is labeled on the back: "Cowboy Hall - July 21, 1989 WATT MATTHEWS."
Date: July 21, 1989
Partner: Matthews Family and Lambshead Ranch