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Fielder House
Photograph of the back entrance of the Fielder house. The house has two levels with a balcony. It is surrounded by trees.
HemisFair -- 1978
Speech commemorating the 10th anniversary of HemisFair '68.
[Lakeview Swimming Pool]
Photograph of Lakeview Swimming Pool in Port Arther, Texas. Several people are in the pool and others are jumping off of diving boards to the left of the photograph. In the foreground, a man is sitting in a lifeguard chair. In the background, there is a brick structure with a white awning attached. An imprint at the bottom-right of the photograph says "Watkins Studio;" handwritten text below the photograph says "Lakeview Swimming Pool - Port Arthur 1978."
[Port Arthur City Hall]
Photograph of the exterior of a building identified as Port Arthur City Hall at 444 Fourth Street. The building is several stories high. There is an awning extending over a driveway on one side with a car underneath it. In the foreground, there is a yard with trees, shrubs, and park lights. In the bottom right corner of the photograph, "Watkins Studio" is embossed.
[Jefferson County Sub - Courthouse Fishpond]
Photograph of a fishpond outside of Jefferson County Sub-Courthouse. In the center of the pond, there is a sculpture, entitled "Music of the Sea," consisting of a child holding a shell to their ear. It was given to the city by Edith Smith Norton in memory of her father, Charles Eugene Norton, the first mayor of Port Arthur. In the background, there is a view of Port Arthur City Hall.