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[Portrait of Reynolds Family]
Black and white portrait of the three members of the Reynolds family: a man, a woman, and a young girl. The man is seated, cross-legged, in the center; the woman, seated much lower to the ground, is on his right. The young girl is standing on the left of the man with her hands folded on his knee. They are all wearing modest, Victorian-style clothing. The man is wearing a three-piece suit with a chain running from his button placket to his vest pocket. The woman and the young girl are wearing high-necked, long-sleeved dresses.
[Matthews Memorial Presbyterian Church]
Photograph of the Matthews Memorial Presbyterian Church, which is a gabled brick building behind a picket fence. Gothic style windows are spaced along the side of the building. To the left, double doors stand below a bell-gable. There is a small overhang on the right, and a chimney is visible behind it.
Hog Camp on Clear Fork River, in Stone Ranch Pasture at the mouth of Cottonwood Canyon
Photograph of people at a campsite under bare trees. There are wagons and tents in the area.
[Woman in a High Necked Lace Dress]
Photograph of a woman wearing a white lace dress with a high neck.
[Campsite on Ranch Land]
Photograph of people at a campsite on ranch land. The people are among bare trees, tents, and wagons near a worn dirt path.
[Port Arthur Women's Self-Improvement Club]
Photograph of Port Arthur Women's Self-Improvement Club. From left to right, the women are identified as Mrs. Florence Graham, Mrs. Emma Landes, Mrs. Robert Hogaboom, Mrs. C. C. Blackman, Mrs. C. M. Davis, Mrs. Paul Scullum, Mrs. T. W. Hughes, Mrs. Nels Jensen, Mrs. Charles Petrie, Mrs. Elma Gifford, Mrs. J. C. Reynolds, Mrs. Tom Rice, Mrs. Ed Laughlin, Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Toland, and Mrs. A. M. Rutan. One boy is sitting behind two women.
[Harbor City Dray Line]
Photograph of a group of people posing outside of Harbor City Dray Line. One man, two boys, and one baby are standing beside two mules; to the right, two men and one boy are sitting on a mule-drawn wagon. In the background, there is a building with a sign attached to it that says "Harbor City Dray Line. Hauling & Moving. J. Imhoff Mgr. Phone. 37." Text below the photograph says "1898."