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[U.S. Naval Personnel Separation Center, Camp Wallace, Texas. Office of the Chaplain letter to Edgar Sutherlin]
Letter from Jack Lewis, Chaplain at the U.S. Naval Personnel Separation Center at Camp Wallace Texas to Edgar Sutherlin, James Sutherlin's father, about James' readjustment into normal civilian life.
[Dictionary Entry for U.S.S. Kasaan Bay-CVE-69]
Entry for the U.S.S. Kasaan Bay from the "Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships."
[Texas Military Institute Senior Prom, 1943 Booklet]
Booklet for the Texas Military Institute Senior Prom. The booklet belonged to James Sutherlin, in which he collected the signatures of several seniors and guests.
[E.B. Sutherlin Jeweler and Watchmaker Insruction Envelope]
Envelope from E.B. Sutherlin Jeweler and Watchmaker business with written instructions by James Sutherlin for engraving a piece of jewelry.
[Honorable Disharge Certificate for James Edgar Sutherlin]
Copy of James Edgar Sutherlin's Honorable Discharge certificate from the United States Navy.
[Demobilization Form for James Edgar Sutherlin]
Demobilization form for James Edgar Sutherlin with orders on his protocol while he was berthed at the Kohler Building in Boston, Massachusetts.
[Letter from James Forrestal to James Edgar Sutherlin - 04/26/1946]
Letter from James Forrestal (Secretary of the Navy) to James E. Sutherlin wishing him luck as he is separated from active service and goes into civilian life.
[Presidential Letter In Gratitude of Service to James Edgar Sutherlin from Presiden Harry Truman]
A formal presidential letter from President Harry Truman to James Edgar Sutherlin thanking him for his service to his country.
[Notice to Active Personnel and Veterans ]
A US Navy message from the Commandant to all Navy personnel and veterans asking for continued interested in service.
[Notification of Transfer Records for James E. Sutherlin]
Card notifying James E. Sutherlin that his records are being forwarded to the Federal Office Building in Houston, Texas.
[Suggestions Regarding Your Sailor - Booklet]
Booklet from the U.S Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, Texas regarding rules about family contact with recruits.
[CASU #22 GTAB Ground Training Certification Card for James E. Sutherlin]
A CASU #22 GTAB Ground Training Certification Card for James Edgar Sutherlin issued to him when he completed the 12 Day Plane Captain's Course at the base.
[U.S.S. Kasaan Bay-CVE-69 Ship's Store ID Card]
An identification card issued to James Edgar Sutherlin to use at the ship's store, including the Barber Shop and Press Shop.
[Notification of Transfer Records for James E. Sutherlin]
Card notifying James E. Sutherlin that his records are being forwarded to an office in Rhode Island.
[Honorable Discharge Ceremony Pamphlet for US Naval Personnel Held at Camp Wallace, Texas]
Pamphlet for the Honorable Discharge ceremony for sailors of the U.S. Navy, held at the U.S.S. Houston Memorial Chapel.
[U.S.S. Kasaan Bay CVE-69 - Christmas 1944 Dinner Menu]
Menu of the Christmas Dinner held aboard the U.S.S. Kasaan Bay in 1944.
[Selective Service System Registration Certificate for James Edgar Sutherlin]
James Edgar Sutherlin's Selective Service Registration Certificate.
[Selective Service Notice of Identification for James Edgar Sutherlin]
Selective Service System's Notice of Identification card for James Edgar Sutherlin. The purpose of the card was to notify the bearer of his Selective Service identification number so that and be able to refer to it in any communication regarding his selective service status.
[Liberty Pass Card for James E. Sutherlin]
Liberty Pass, a card issued to James E. Sutherlin "allowing him to leave on liberty and pass through gate" of his station.
[Letter by James Sutherlin to his parents - 12/24/1944]
Letter from James Edgar Sutherlin to his parents where he comments on his relationship with his girlfriend, Arlene, and his views on his personal growth since he entered the Navy.
Report on Activities of HemisFair Promotion Committee
A report that describes the activities of the HemisFair Promotion Committee in May 1968 for generating publicity about HemisFair '68. The report emphasises the need for a formal publicity department and the various channels for generating publicity, including promotional tours to other cities, billboards, radio, special day events, and working with schools to promote the fair.
The Legacy of HemisFair Fact Sheet -- 25th Anniversary
The Legacy of HemisFair Fact Sheet -- 25th Anniversary
HemisFair Luncheon, 1988
Speech given at HemisFair Luncheon commemorating the 20th anniversary of HemisFair '68.
HemisFair's 25th Anniversary Celebration
Statement release: City Marks HemisFair's 25th Anniversary with Citywide Celebration
Publicity release for Les Poupées de Paris
A publicity release from Bill Doll and Company of New York, N.Y. to accompany the photograph of the celebrity puppet of Liberace from Sid and Marty Krofft's Les Poupées de Paris show. The release mentions the names of other celebrity puppets in the show, which was part of the entertainment at the New York World's Fair.
The Bru-it
March-April 1968 issue of the magazine of the Lone Star Brewing Company. Most of the issue is devoted to HemisFair '68, with historical information, and information about facilities, attractions, exhibits, and participants. There are many illustrations of the fair.
Proposed tower = Torre en proyecto
Description of the Tower of the Americas concept drawing by O'Neil Ford. Description is in English and Spanish, and contains short information about the architect, cost, height, elevators, capacity, and tower facilities.
Minutes of initial meeting of interested citizens pertinent to the "Fair of the America's"
Minutes taken by John A Daniels, of a meeting held Feb. 15th, 1962, at the Granada Hotel of civic leaders to discuss the idea of hosting a "Fair of the America's" in San Antonio, Texas. Those present expressed enthusiasm for the idea. At this meeting is was agreed that an executive committee be formed to investigate the feasibility of staging such a fair.
HemisFair '68: 1968 World's Fair/April 6-October 6 news
A news release from the Public Relations Department of HemisFair '68. It highlights the Goliad Food Plaza, one of the food clusters at HemisFair '68, and lists a couple of food items available there.
HemisFair '68: 1968 World's Fair/April 6-October 6 news
A news release from the Public Relations Department of HemisFair '68. It highlights the lagoon cruise boats and the Mini-Monorail as on-grounds transportation at HemisFair '68.
HemisFair '68 - The San Antonio's World Fair
A brief history of the World's Fair by Marshall T. Steves. The speech must have been given several years before HemisFair '68 opened as most of his comments refer to designs and planning for the fair. Marshall Steves was president of HemisFair '68.
"Your HemisFair - 1968"
Summary of answers to frequently asked questions about HemisFair '68.
Theme Structure of HemisFair '68
Text of a speech concerning the "Theme Structure for HemisFair '68"
20th Anniversary Speech
Text of speech given by William Sinkin at the 20th anniversary luncheon of HemisFair '68.
HemisFair -- 1978
Speech commemorating the 10th anniversary of HemisFair '68.
Leon Valley PTA Speaking Engagement
Text of a talk given by William Sinkin to the Leon Valley PTA on February 9th, 1967. The title of the talk was "HemisFair '68: a Progress Report". Mr. Sinkin first gave some general remarks about HemisFair and then talked about HemisFair financing and the economic impact that HemisFair '68 would have on San Antonio.
Fair of the Americas Fact Sheet
Fact sheet for the Fair of the Americas.
Report to the Board of Directors of San Antonio Fair, Inc.
Report of the members of the Executive Committee to the Board of Directors of the San Antonio Fair, Inc.
HemisFair '68: 1968 World's Fair/April 6-October 6 news
A news release from the Public Relations Department of HemisFair '68. It highlights some of the main buildings that have been constructed for the fair, including the Tower of the Americas, the Arena, Theatre for the Performing Arts, and Convention Hall.
HemisFair '68: 1968 World's Fair/April 6-October 6 news
A news release from the Public Relations Department of HemisFair '68. It highlights how HemisFair '68 represents an urban renaissance for San Antonio, with the construction of the Tower of the Americas and other satellite buildings.
El Abrazo Aug. 1966
Issue of El Abrazo journal devoted to HemisFair '68. The issue cover depicts sailing ships on a blue ocean relating to David Bowen's work in the planning for the 1968 World’s Fair and especially the Youth Pavilion. HemisFair ’68, was held from April to October 1968 in San Antonio.
Remarks, Executive Committee Meeting
Remarks made by H.B. Zachry, chairman of the board of San Antonio Fair, Inc. just before the closing of HemisFair '68. His remarks focus on financial aspects of the fair, in a 'setting the record straight' manner. He emphasises that all San Antonio Fair Inc. bills will be paid and that there would be no costs to taxpayers. He also talks about the income and jobs generated by the fair for the city of San Antonio and future benefits to the city resulting from having hosted the fair.
El Abrazo Sept/Oct/Nov 1967
El Abrazo journal issue devoted to HemisFair '68. The cover relates to David Bowen's work in the planning for the 1968 World’s Fair and especially the Youth Pavilion. HemisFair ’68, was held from April to October 1968 in San Antonio.
Transcript of meeting on HemisFair '68
Transcript of a meeting held August 24, 1965 with Allison Peery, Richard Wilson, and Jim Glass. The meeting discussed the HemisFair project, why it was proposed, how it would be financed, the space planning, what facilities and attractions would be offered, as well as what the fair symbols should be. The transcript is typed, with annotations in hand, on "Culberson, Slaughter, Glass & DuBose, inc." corporate letterhead.
Building : Tynan House
Several pages of information about the Tynan House, which was one of the historic houses on the HemisFair '68 site. It was built in the 1860s and located at 117 Goliad Street. Included in this 4 page set is a drawing of the front of the house, and a map showing its location on the HemisFair site.
HemisFair $200 Million Dollar Dream
Typed document by William Sinkin, President of San Antonio Fair, Inc. about San Antonio hosting a world's fair in 1968, called HemisFair. The document summarizes the administrative and financial work accomplished to date and outlines the road ahead for financial, local and state government support in order for the fair to become a reality.
Two of HemisFair's high altitude attractions
Information item about the Tower of the Americas and the Swiss Skyride. The Tower is 622 feet tall and features two observation decks and a revolving restaurant. Glass fronted elevators carry visitors from the base to the top in 43 second. Riders in the Skyride can enjoy panoramic views of the fair site from 80 feet above the ground.
News release : Governor and Mrs. Connally to visit Latin America.
News release announcing Governor and Mrs. John Connally's three-weeks visit to Latin American countries in July/August 1966 on behalf of HemisFair '68. He will invite countries to participate in the fair. Prior to his departure he will be honored at a reception in Washington, D.C. for his role as Commissioner General of the fair. The news release also mentions countries and corporations who have already signed up to participate in HemisFair '68.
General Electric Company's Theaterama press release
Text is The General Electric Company's press release describing the Theaterama experience at the 1968 World’s Fair known as HemisFair ’68, held from April to October 1968 in San Antonio entitled "The Wonderful World of Progress." The Circular theater used a variety of audio visual techniques, including live-to-film, film-to-live, “op art,” “blue mat” and magic effects as well as music and lyrics. Featured was a mythical Genie of the Southwest, who spoke and interacted with the onstage hostess-housewife. The release details the writers of the show, its musical score, the 16 hostesses, the "genie" portrayed by television performer Bill McCutcheon and many of the special effects used. The release goes on to include the seating capacity of 16,100 persons and the length of the show, 20 minutes. The release also describes the performance as well as its objective at HemisFair ’68.
Press release given to the Washington press during Gov. Connally's visit, July 13, 1966.
One page press release about HemisFair '68. It details how many visitors are expected, what the theme of the fair is, how it has been endorsed by the Bureau of International Expositions, and the affect it is having on the host city, San Antonio in terms of urban renewal and change.