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[Letter from Supervisor H. E. Keller to Dallas, Texas Bureau of Identification Superintendent D. E. Walsh - 10/31/1933]
Letter from H. E. Keller, the Supervisor of the Identification Bureau in Houston, Texas to D. E. Walsh, Superintendent of the Identification Bureau in Dallas, Texas thanking him for the photographs he sent from the Urschel Kidnapping case.
[Portrait of a Man with a Long Mustache]
Photograph of a man with a long mustache and wearing a jacket, waistcoat, shirt and tie.
[Newspaper Clippings and Photographs Regarding the Matthews Ranch]
A page from a worn cowhide scrapbook regarding the Matthews Ranch. The newspaper clippings cover the ranch's purchase and showing of livestock, while the photographs offer views of the ranch and the Matthews family.
[Ludwig Erhard Stepping Out of an Airplane]
Photograph of Ludwig Erhard stepping out of a Lufthansa airliner as military personnel, journalists, and politicians stand on a runway. One man in a dark suit is walking up the airplane's stairs toward Erhard.
[Butler's Shoe Store]
Photograph of a print of the Butler's Shoe Store in Houston.