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Bergstrom Field
Photograph of two men in uniform beside sign for the Headquarters of the 53rd Troop Carrier Wing.
Old Flournoy Home
Photograph of John W. and Gussle Flournoy's early Beeville home. Flournoy John W. Flournoy, a Lockhart native, came to Beeville with little more than a mule and his saddle bags after graduating from Emery and Henry College in Virginia in 1879. He met and married (1881) Miss Gussie Hitchings, a teacher from Normanna, and the couple moved to Beeville. Flournoy was a teacher, attorney, railroad booster, legislator, and banker. He served as the president of Commercial Bank in Beeville from 1898 until his death in July of 1916. “Miss Gussie”, whose buggy was parked outside of elementary schools for many years, was a respected Beeville teacher for thirty-seven years. Flournoy Elementary School, built in 1952, was named for her. John and Gussie later bought A.C. Jones home which was located on the hill where the college now stands. They moved this grand home into town by mule and wagon. It sat across from Flournoy Park until it was razed in 1946.
[Goat Wearing Goggles]
Photograph of a goat wearing goggles. Two individuals stand on either side of the animal gripping its horns.
[George Newcomb]
Photograph of the mustached George Newcomb leaning on a table. He is an older man with graying hair who is wearing a cowboy hat, vest, and buttoned shirt. A blurred man stands behind him.
[Two Copies of Portrait of Man]
Photograph of 1 person. The image is two pictures of another framed photograph. A man is photographed in a bust-length front-facing pose with his head turned slightly right. He is wearing a United States Army uniform. His hair is cut very short on the sides and is combed back on top. The frame has flags, star, and an eagle on it.
[Portrait of Navy Man]
Photograph of 1 person. A man is photographed in one torso-length front-facing pose sitting in a chair. He is wearing a United States Navy uniform composed of a shirt, pants, tie, and hat. He is also wearing a watch.
[Student and Parent Volleyball Game]
Photograph of Lower Valley School students playing volleyball against the students' parents. The school building is visible in the background.
Weighing and marking company, Tivoli
Photograph of two men weighing a bale of cotton on a scale.
[B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation building]
Photograph of the front of building from the street at 2105 San Antonio.
[Children by a Muddy Dirt Road]
Photograph of three of Oliver Jacobs' grandchildren in a field by a muddy dirt road. A house stands behind them with a car in the driveway, and another house lies further down the road.
[Children at Sue Antoinette Emory's Birthday Party]
Photograph of Oliver Jacobs' grandchildren at Sue Antoinette Emory's (left) birthday party. They are sitting on a picnic style bench topped with condiments. Windows reveal trees and a car in the background.
[Children Waving from a Car]
Photograph of Oliver Jacobs' grandchildren waving from the back of a dusty car. Bare trees and a house can be seen behind the car.
[Clyde Champion Barrow Fingerprint Chart, 01/22/1928- Fort Worth, Texas Police Department]
Fingerprint card for Clyde Champion Barrow taken at the Department of Police in Fort Worth, Texas. It includes his physical description, aliases, details of his arrest and his mug shot pasted to the back of the document.
[Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker]
Photograph of cut-outs of Clyde Barrow--wearing a suit, hat, holding a black coat on his arm and with a cigarette in his mouth--standing next to Bonnie Parker who is wearing a dress.
Albert Bernson and Mabel Young Bernson
Photograph of 2 people. This portrait is of Albert Bernson and Mabel Young Bernson, photographed in one torso-length, front-facing pose in front of a prop window. Albert Bernson is sitting and Mabel Young Bernson is standing behind, holding a bouquet of flowers. Albert Bernson was stationed at Camp Mabrey during World War II and is wearing his uniform in this photograph. Mabel Young Bernson is wearing a long white dress, a necklace, and a ring.
[Three Men Standing in Office]
Photograph of three men standing in an office and looking at a document. There is a Topographic and Road Map of Travis County on the wall behind them. The photographer wrote the name "Guiton Morgan" on the negative envelope. Morgan was the City Manager of Austin.
[Libertad Street Scene in Ciudad Chihuahua]
Copy negative of a Libertad street scene in Ciudad Chihuahua. There are multiple horse-drawn vehicles next to storefronts. Palacio Federal can be seen in the background on the left
Railroad Depot
Photograph of a group of men standing outside of the train depot. Located in Pettus. Well equipped with S.A.A.P. brass spittoons, each depot became a social center.
[Telegraph to Dallas Police Department - 12/09/1932]
Telegraph to the Dallas Police Department informing them of the arrest of Raymond Hamilton and J. C. Clark alias Dunn in Bay City, Michigan. J. C. Clark was suspected to be Clyde Barrow.
[Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker in Morgue, Getaway Car and Funeral]
Photograph of four prints belonging to the Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker case. Top left is their bullet-hole riddled getaway car, top right is Bonnie Parker's funeral, bottom left is Bonnie Parker on a stretcher in the morgue and the bottom right is Clyde Barrow on a stretcher in the morgue.
[Three Photos of Clear Fork and Cattle on a Scrapbook Page]
A page from a worn cowhide album displaying three black and white photographs positioned horizontally. The top photo is 6 1/2 x 4 1/2 print of three Hereford cows with winter coats standing at a feed trough. The middle and lower photos show two different views of the Clear Fork of the Brazos River at Matthews Ranch. The lower two prints are approximately 6 x 4 in.
[Three Views of a River on Matthews Ranch; Watt Matthews with Family and Friends; Watt Casey's Family]
A page from a worn cowhide album displaying five black and white photos. On the left side of the page, three 6 x 4 in. prints are positioned horizontally. Each shows a view of the river on Matthews Ranch. On the top right of the page is a 3 x 5 in. print of Watt Matthews with friends and family taken in Albany or Stamford, Texas. Below this photo in the bottom right is a 4 1/2 x 3 in. photo rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. In this photo, the children of Watt "Palo" Casey and Dosia Casey are sitting in a row on a couch in front of a curtained window. The older boys are wearing suits and ties; the girl is wearing a collared dress and bobby socks.
[Military Officers Talking Strategy]
Photograph of a group of unidentified military officers looking at a map. A group of five military officers can be seen strategically planning their next military move while looking over a map. Three unidentified gentleman can bee seen looking over the shoulders of the officers.
232 Wyoming Lot No. 383-single family dwelling
Black and white photographs of the house at 232 Wyoming Street, San Antonio, Texas. The home has a slanted roof, somewhat in the salt box style. At least part of the house is made of stucco. The home is located in an area that was re-developed because of HemisFair '68.
[Judge Harris Gardner]
Photograph of man sitting at desk.
[Judge Charles O. Betts]
Photograph of man seated at judge's seat in courtroom.
[Judge Charles O. Betts]
Photograph of man seated at desk reading a book.
[Correspondents and Fighters]
photograph of six men sitting on top of rocks in Juarez 1911. In the front row are three Insurrectos carrying rifles, and wearing uniforms. The three men behind the soldiers are war correspondents from America. They are all wearing suits and hats.
[Double Exposure of Boxers Boxing]
A double exposure photograph of boxers fighting in the ring at the Golden Gloves tournament.
[Llano Parade]
Photograph of man standing on the street, wearing a law enforcement uniform including a gun in a tooled holster. He is holding a hat behind his back. Decorative flags are visible over the street and the Llano County Courthouse is in the background.
[Municipal Golf Course Clubhouse]
Photograph of the exterior of clubhouse building, viewed from across a lawn. It is a one-story brick building with Ionic columns on either side of the front entrance.
[Gordon Swepson]
Photograph of a group of people outside of the Texas State Capitol building. In the front, a man wearing a dark-colored civilian suit is standing between two men in uniform; one is reading from a paper and the other is holding something before pinning it to the man.
[Gordon Swepson]
Photograph of a group of people outside of the Texas State Capitol building. In the front, a man wearing a military uniform is pinning something to the jacket of a man wearing a civilian suit; another man in uniform is standing to his right, holding a sheet of paper.
[Lyndon Johnson Shakes Hands with Another Man]
Photograph of Lyndon Johnson shaking hands with another man, standing in a group with a third man in front of a stone wall. A photographer and other people are partially visible in the foreground.
[Lyndon Johnson Holding Hay]
Photograph of Lyndon Johnson squatting and holding two handfuls of hay. He is wearing a suit and cowboy hat.
[People Walk out of a Building]
Photograph of three people walking down a stone path from a brick building to a parking lot. An American flag on a flagpole is outside the building and a house is visible in the background.
[Speech in an Auditorium]
Photograph of a person speaking at a podium in an auditorium; other people are also standing on the stage and applauding. Two rows of audience members stand in front of a raised stage adorned with three large cubes, two of which contain a circular symbol. Audience members can be seen behind the stage in stadium seating.
[Three Smiling Picnickers]
Photograph of three smiling people at a picnic. Two are seated men, with the older man on the left holding a spoonful of food over his plate. A standing elder woman hands a plate of food to the man on the right. More picnickers are visible in the background amid trees.
[Portraits of a Woman and Two Babies]
Photograph of 3 people. This image is of two portraits of a woman and two babies. The photograph's envelope says Dovie Lee Harris, but does not indicate the significance to the photograph. The first portrait is of the woman sitting in a chair holding a baby in her lap with each of her arms. The second portrait is of the woman seated with one baby in her lap and the other baby seated on the arm of the chair and with his hand on the woman's shoulder. The woman is wearing a dress with a scarf collar. The two babies are both wearing overalls. They are all looking slightly above the camera in the first portrait and the woman and the baby in her lap are looking above the camera and the other baby is looking directly at the camera in the second portrait.
[Portrait of Girl]
Photograph of 1 person. A girl is photographed in two front-facing poses, smiling. The left image is a bust-length view of her resting her chin on her arms folded over the top of a cloth-covered chair. The right image is a torso-length view of her sitting in the chair with her hands in her lap. She is wearing bracelets, a ring, and a dark-colored dress with light trim and a small bow tie. Her hair is rolled toward the middle with sheer bow accessories in it. She is wearing lipstick. "Dovie Lee Harris, Miami, TX" is written on the photograph's envelope.
S.A.&A.P./Southern Pacific Depot in Beeville
Photograph of the S.A.&A.P./Southern Pacific Railroad Depot in Beeville. The marker for the railroad in Bee County is on the site of the old depot. On June 14, 1886, the first San Antonio and Aransas Pass train arrived in Beeville to a cheering crowd. The arrival of the railroad to Bee County came after Uriah Lott, the man responsible for building the S.A.&A.P. railroad, made a formal railroad proposition to Frank O. Skidmore, a wealthy stockman on the Aransas River, asking for a $100,000 bonus to bring the railroad to Bee County. Mr. Lott appealed to stockmen interested in hauling their cattle to market. The committee in charge of raising the bonus was made up of A.C. Jones and John W. Flournoy. In January 1886 Sheriff D.A. T. Walton showed Mr. Lott around Bee County by buggy, and the committee informed him that they had already raised $55,000. Uriah Lott then headed his railroad through Bee County. After the takeover of S.A.&A.P by Southern Pacific in 1925, the depot became an S.P. station. In 1958, the depot was razed, and the last train left Bee County in 1994. Before the railroad all freighting was done by wagon, and most of it came from Saint Mary's on the coast. D.B. Stafford was the first depot agent for S.A.&A.P. and later the first agent for the S.P. Railroad.
[Helen Keller and Governor W. Lee O'Daniel]
Photograph of Governor O'Daniel and Helen Keller. There are several people clapping in the background and Polly Thompson is holding the arm of Helen Keller.
[Helen Keller Standing with Polly Thompson]
Photograph of Helen Keller (left) holding flowers and standing on stage with her assistant Polly Thompson.
[Abbie Hevron Hackley]
Photograph of 1 person. There are two images of Abbie Hevron Hackley in two similar bust poses. She is wearing a velour-like dress, and a jewel clip in her hair.
[Armistice Day Parade]
Photograph of a parade float for an Armistice Day celebration. The float consists of a truck decorated with star and stripe printed banners, a cannon on the truck bed, and a banner on the side with text that says "This is the Old Girl that Roared Out for Joy and Shattered our 'Panes' on Armistice Day. Nov. 11. 1918." In the background, there are trees and a building. Accompanying material gives information about the cannon.
Men Placing Boilers
Photograph on postcard of men setting up boilers to put out an oil fire at the C.L. Perkins No. 5 oil well in Eastland County, Texas in 1919. Smoke from the fire can be seen over the workers.
[Number Three Fire Station]
Photograph of seven men standing outside of the Number Three Fire Station on Fifth Street and Vicksburg Avenue. Five of the men are standing on a 1923 Model Pumper truck, and two men are standing beside it; they are all wearing uniforms. Six men are identified as Harry Denson, Buster Curry, Les Hebert, Bonnie Curra, Dan Welch, and Carl Wilson.
[Fire Department Personnel]
Photograph of a group of fire department personnel sitting in trucks outside of the new Central Fire Station on 300 Waco Avenue. The men are identified as D. M. Montgomery, T. L. Murray, L. C. Dugan, R. E. Daniels, A. O. Montgomery, L. J. Hebert, Tom Goode, Frank Finchum, J. B. Salyer, E. L. Etheridge, Bob Cox, H. Jack Vaughan, H. B. Hay, H. C. Sport, H. I. McIllwain, Ronnie Smith, Arch Hallmark, Dave P. Rachael, R. R. Rachael, T. H. Taylor, Mayor J. P. (Pink) Logan, and Fire Chief Clyde LaRose.
[Men at Central Fire Station]
Photograph of four men taking a break at Central Fire Station. Three of the men are identified as Billy Curry, J. C. Enright, and Bill Woods. One man is smoking a cigar. In the background, there are brick archways.
[Horses in Port Arthur Parade]
Photograph of group of people riding horses for a parade in Port Arthur, TX. There are a variety of age groups on horseback. The horses are a multitude of colors. Most of the people are wearing cowboy hats. A fire engine is in the back, behind the group of horses.