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[4 Alarm Fire at Good and Bryan Street]

Description: Photograph of a four-alarm fire at Good and Bryan Streets. Firefighters stand on the ground with hoses to put out the flames, and a large cloud of smoke is coming off the building. A firetruck is visible in the left foreground.
Date: 1980~/1989~
Creator: Dallas (Tex.). Fire Department.
Partner: Dallas Firefighters Museum

1919 Girls' Basketball Team

Description: Photograph of a group of eight young women identified as the 1919 girls' basketball team. They are posing in a car on the corner of Main Street and McKinney Street in Richardson, Texas. Five of the women are sitting in the car, and three are standing on the sides of the car.
Date: 1919~
Partner: Richardson Public Library

1919 Richardson High School Football Team

Description: Photograph of twelve students and one coach identified as the Richardson High School football team. Coach W. H. Galloway is standing in between four boys on the back row, and eight boys are sitting in the front row. One boy in the center is holding a football with "R. H. S." written on it. Text below the image says "1919 Richardson High School Football Team." The boys are identified on the back of the image.
Date: 1919
Creator: Smith, Morris J.
Partner: Richardson Public Library

1938 Richardson High School Football Team

Description: Photograph of the 1938 Richardson High School football team. They are seated in bleachers, and posing in three rows. All but two boys are wearing football uniforms; one boy in the center-front row is holding a football. Text below the image says "1938 Football Team," and has each of their names listed.
Date: 1938
Partner: Richardson Public Library

[Abandoned Bridge]

Description: Photograph of an abandoned bridge. Handwritten note on reverse reads, "Abandoned bridge across Elm Fork of the Trinity River between Fish Trap Road and the T&P RR Co. in Denton Co."
Date: unknown
Creator: Dallas (Tex.)
Partner: Dallas Municipal Archives

[Ablon Poultry & Egg Co.]

Description: Photograph of the storefront of Ablon Poultry & Eggs. Crates are stacked against the front wall. Two carts are situated to the right of the crates, behind which a car is parked.
Date: August 23, 1958
Creator: Dallas (Tex.)
Partner: Dallas Municipal Archives

Aerial View of Downtown Richardson

Description: Photograph of an aerial view of downtown Richardson, Texas. Streets intersecting in the foreground are Main Street and Greenville Avenue. The City Hall complex can be seen in the bottom-right corner of the image. Other buildings and cars are visible.
Date: 1950~/1960~
Partner: Richardson Public Library

Alvin Ragsdale Home

Description: Photograph of an exterior view of the Alvin Ragsdale home, built in the 1920s; its location is now Beltline and 75 Central Expressway. The brick house is one-story tall, and has an enclosed porch with brick arches on the left. On the right, there is a chimney with decorative brick patterns on it. Plants and shrubs are growing in front of the house.
Date: 192u
Partner: Richardson Public Library

Arapaho Road at U. S. 75

Description: Photograph of an intersection of Arapaho Road and U. S. 75. Two cars and two trucks are driving down one road. On the left of the road, there are houses; on the right, there is a construction site.
Date: 1958~
Creator: Martin, Jerry
Partner: Richardson Public Library