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[Brown, Crain and Boring Families]
Photograph of the Brown, Crain and Boring families of Longview, Texas. The family members are pictured on the front porch of Bluford W. Brown's home, which was located at 104 W. Whaley Street. From left to right, top to bottom, the family members pictured are: Top row: Newton Brown, Iris Boyd Brown, Edward E. Crain, Lula Frances Brown-Crain, Mittie F. Brown-Bruce, Robert Halsey Bruce, Emma Brown-Boring, Walter Brown, Oscar Brown, Johanna Clark-Brown. Second row: Bluford W. Brown, Lacy (Maydee) Eddins (sitting in Bluford's lap), Elliot, Mannie Brown, Nancy Cox Brown, Lynn Brown (sitting in Nancy's lap), Mattie Carroll. Third row: Jessie Boring-Bramlette, Elmo Brown, Tad B. Stinchcomb. Bottom row: Emory Boring, Joseph Boring, Fred Brown, Ethel Brown, B. W. Crain, Sr., Lillo Crain.
[Campbell's Lake]
Photograph of the construction of Campbell's Lake, a man-made lake in Gladewater, Texas. The lake dam was built by T & P Railroad. The lake is now known as Lake Devernia. From left to right, the members of the photograph are: Crawford Morgan, E. B. Protho, J. N. Campbell and W. K. Eckman. The photograph is mounted on gray cardboard.
Fey and Braunig Studio
Photograph of the Fey and Braunig Studio in Hallettsville, Texas. On the back, is a handwritten note that says "This is a picture of the first Fey & Braunig studio and skylight in Hallettsville, Texas when Fey and Braunig decided to establish a permanent studio in Hallettsville as well as the one in Cuero, Texas." Another note on the back states that the studio was located north of the present day Hallettsville Lumber Company building on Hwy. 77. According to the accompanying article, the photo belonged to Mrs. H. H. Ahrens, daughter of the late H. G. Braunig, who is pictured standing under the sign. The building had a skylight.
Floresville Academy Students (Literary Lovely)
Photograph of Floresville Academy students. Pictured from left to right are: Top Left; Green Gillett Back Row; Zella Dickey, Annie Hassay, Kate Isviss, Jennie Bayles, Lola Gilleth, Eugene Dickey, Bob Seale Middle Row; Julia Agee, Morra Garrison, Osie Lawhon, Mary Houston, Carrie Evans, Maria Agee, Nannie, Houston, Garrison Front Row; Alonzo Franks, unknown, Grnest LeLivingson, Professor Lopas, Allie Murrary, Ebbie Agee, Claude Thomas
[Historic Campbell Residence]
Photograph of the family home of Thomas Mitchell Campbell, the former Governor of Texas. The home was built by Campbell for his wife, Fannie Bruner, in 1889. The house was located at the corner of Green and Methvin streets in Longview, Texas.
[Holloway School]
Photograph of the Holloway school students in Longview, Texas. The school was located on Mobberly Street. The photograph is torn and deteriorated in many areas. The children's names are listed on the back of the photograph in a random order. The legible names are: John Akins, John Morrow, Walter Jacobs, Jimmie McDonal, Bertie Smith, Edwin Durham, Charlie Morgan, John Walker, Sammie Dodge, Trixie Needham, Pollie Mundess, Charles Scott, Sadie Mundess, and Alice Renfro. J. V. Butts is seated to the right, in an early style wheelchair.
J. H. Appelt Building
Photograph of the J. H. Appelt Building in 1889. There are people standing around the building and a man in a cart pulled by two mules. This is a brick two-story building with lots of windows. According to accompanying information, this saloon was located at Third and LaGrange Streets in Hallettsville and was built in 1888-89, and there was a fire in 1890 which resulted in the left side of the building being torn down and rebuilt.
[Laying Cornerstone of Courthouse]
Photograph of a group of people laying the cornerstone of the Wilson County courthouse in Floresville, Texas.
[Longview Home]
Photograph of one of the early, rustic homes built in Longview, Texas. There is an unidentified man and woman standing in the front yard.
[Longview Lumber Race]
Photograph of lumber haulers using mules to haul their lumber loads through downtown Longview, Texas. Different companies competed to haul the largest load to the sawmill, and the winner who hauled the largest load the fastest received a prize.
[Longview Railroad Workers]
Photograph of unidentified railroad workers in Longview, Texas. The workers are standing next to several railroad cars loaded for transport. The photograph is mounted on tan paper.
[Longview Volunteer Fire Company]
Photograph of nineteen members of the Longview Volunteer Fire Company in Longview, Texas. The men are lined up outside a building in Longview, and there are four men seated on a horse-drawn carriage behind the line of firemen. There is a newspaper clipping on the back of the photograph with a handwritten note. From left to right, the members of the photograph are: top row: W. Alex Abey, W. D. Northcutt, D. D. Pinkham, and W. M. Jameison. bottom row: Fred Hamil, S. C. Forman, J. N. Allison, E. L. Long, F. T. Rembert, W. L. Butts, Evans Terry, Joe Laird, T. C. Clark, T. E. Clemmons, J. W. McQueen, Joe Clemmons, Wallace Jameison, Walter Brown, Hatch May, and W. R. Bass.
[Longview Volunteer Fire Company]
Photograph of the first Longview Volunteer Fire Company in Longview, Texas. The fire company was organized in 1885 using horse drawn fire carts. The fire company was located on the south side of Tyler Street between Fredonia and Center streets. City Hall was located upstairs. Cumberland Presbyterian Church is visible on the far left of the photograph. There are three horse-drawn fire carts parked outside the station.
[Mineral Wells Vacation]
Photograph of a morning donkey ride during a vacation at Mineral Wells, Texas. Five women and three men are pictured riding donkeys. Mineral Wells was a popular vacation spot for residents of Longview, Texas.
E. O. Campbell Home
Photograph of the E. O. Campbell residence on 400 East Campbell Road in Richardson, Texas. The wooden house is two-stories tall. A woman identified as Mrs. E. O. Campbell is sitting outside of it.
[Oden and Stout Residences]
Photograph of the Oden and Stout family homes in Longview, Texas. Ike Stout's family home is pictured on the left, and L. D. Oden's family home is pictured on the right. There are five unidentified people standing in front of the homes.
[Paige Family]
Photograph of Abb Paige and his wife, Effie Brazzil of Longview, Texas, as noted on the back of the photograph. Mrs. Brazzil is wearing a white dress with dark trim. Mr. Paige is wearing a suit, a tie, and a photographic lapel pin. There are two young girls pictured on the lapel pin. The photograph is mounted on grey cardboard.
[Photo of Anna Marie Magdeline Lepori]
Photograph of a woman identified as Anna Marie Magdeline Lepori wearing a dress with a ruffled collar.
[Photograph of a Young Boy]
Photograph of a young boy, identified as Leon Lepori, wearing a suit jacket and a bow tie.
[Photograph of Elizabeth Augustine Lepori]
Photograph of a woman identified as Elizabeth Augustine Lepori posing in a high-necked dress.
[Portrait of Jessie Shepherd]
Photograph of a young girl named "Jessie Shepherd," as noted on the back of the photograph. She is 14 years old in the photo. She is wearing a white dress, and her hair is tied back. The photograph is matted in a brownish-gray mat.
[Portrait of Lillie Braunig Ahrens and Victor Braunig]
Portrait of Lillie Braunig Ahrens and Victor Braunig. Lillie is seated with Victor standing next to her and leaning on the chair. According to accompanying information, Victor was born in May 1890, and Lillie was born in February 1889. There is a written note on the back that says "Mrs. Ahrens & Victor Braunig." The photograph is mounted on mat board.
[Portrait of Unknown men]
Portrait of a group of unknown men. The men are posing in front of a back drop with a set that looks like a house next to them. All of the men are wearing suits and hats, and many of them are holding cigars. "Fey & Braunig Cuero, Texas" is written in the lower left corner, and "May 20, 1883" is written in the lower right corner.
President's Address, Delivered Before the 19th Session of the Texas State Medical Association
This booklet includes the text from an address to the Texas State Medical Association by T. H. Nott regarding the protection of patients from quacks and fraudulent doctors.
[Reverend J. L. Terry]
Photograph of Reverend J. L. Terry, who was one of the early pastors in Longview, Texas. Reverend Terry was born in 1831 and died in 1917. He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, in Longview. The photograph is mounted on gray cardboard.