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[Bivins Residence]
Photograph identified as the family home of Maurice H. Bivins, in Longview, Texas. The home was called Surrey Place. The "Friendly Trek" group is standing in front of the house in full costume, as noted on the back of the photograph.
[Longview Public Service Officials]
Photograph of various public service officials in Longview, Texas, including firemen, policemen, and engineers. There is one child pictured, as well. The men are standing around and in two fire trucks and one car.
[Longview Fire Department]
Photographic postcard of the Longview Fire Department answering a call. The fireman pictured is riding in a horse-drawn carriage, and there is a dog running behind the carriage. There are unidentified buildings in the background of the photograph.
[Dr. W. M. Cole and Chris Hines]
Photograph of Dr. W. M. Cole and Chris Hines of Longview, Texas. The men are standing, and they are shaking hands. Dr. Cole was a founding member and the first president of the Gregg County Medical Society.
[Robert G. LeTourneau]
Photograph of Robert G. LeTourneau of Longview, Texas. LeTourneau is pictured with military personnel and leaders on top of one of his self-designed machines. LeTourneau is wearing a dark suit, and he is waving his right hand in the air.
[Citizens National Bank]
Photograph of the Everett Building in Longview, Texas. The original Everett Building was constructed in 1910 as the Citizens National Bank and originally housed a number of businesses, including M. L. Cunningham, Lawyer and Notary Public; A. J. Stewart, Dentist; and Drs. Northcutt and Markham, Physicians and Surgeons. It now houses the Gregg County Historical Museum on Fredonia Street.
[Ferguson Place]
Photograph of Ferguson Place, located three minutes south of Ore City, Texas. In the photograph, a family of eight are pictured standing in front of a log home, and there is a wooden fence around the yard. The home was burned in 1909.
[Longview Law Enforcement]
Photograph of Jim Howard and Matt Muckleroy, two city law enforcers from Longview, Texas. Howard was the Sheriff of Longview, and Muckleroy was the City Marshal. Muckleroy was injured during the Dalton Gang Robbery on May 23rd, 1894.
[James Stephen Hogg]
Photograph of James Stephen Hogg and a fellow employee in Longview, Texas. The couple is pictured inside the first newspaper print shop in Longview, which was founded by Hogg. He later became the first native-born son of Texas to be voted Governor of the State of Texas. There is a decorative foil border framing the photograph.
The Virginian
Photograph of the outside of Rembert Theater, in Longview, Texas. There are several advertisements for the movie, "the Virginian," including a large cut-out of a man and a woman kissing, a display with photographs of the actors, and a large banner at the top of the theater that reads: "The VIRGINIAN, HE TOOK NOTHIN' FROM NOBODY."
[First National Bank of Longview]
Photographic postcard of the First National Bank in Longview, Texas. The bank was located on Tyler Street. There are two signs with the name of the bank on either side of the door. From left to right, the men pictured are W. K. Eckman, Elbert Morgan, Crawford Morgan and Rogers Rainey, as noted on the back of the postcard.
[Gaston Howard]
Photographic postcard of Gaston Howard of Longview, Texas. Howard is pictured wearing his full uniform. The photograph was taken in Paris, France, as noted on the back of the postcard. Howard enlisted as a Private, and came home from the war as a Sergeant.
[First National Bank of Longview]
Photographic postcard of the inside of First National Bank in Longview, Texas. The teller's cage is pictured in the photograph, along with two men. From left to right, they are W. K. Eckman and Gilbert Campbell.
[1934 Weatherford College Glee Club]
Photograph of the Weatherford College Glee Club, in Weatherford, Texas. The young men and women are wearing suits and dresses. From left to right, top to bottom, the members of the photograph are: Top row: Garland Lavender, Cloyce Briden, Archie Sterling, Morris Thomas, Edward Ross, Marvin Wells, Bertram Olsen, Boyce Hudleston, Blanton Bird. Bottom row: James Doss, Rowena Doss Goss, Tim Henry Gilliland, Nona Akard, Waldo Fletcher, Orman Kimbrough.
[Kelly Plow Works]
Photograph of Kelly Plow Works of Longview, Texas.
[Mount Manitou Park]
Photographic postcard of several Longview, Texas families riding the scenic incline to Mount Manitou, Colorado.
[Sergeant Marion A. Miller]
Photographic postcard of Sergeant Marion A. Miller of Longview, Texas, wearing his military uniform.
[Culpepper Christmas Card]
Greeting card with a photographic print from the family of Cody and Maud Culpepper of Longview, Texas. The couple are pictured sitting in a horse-drawn car, and there is a colored illustration of a candlestick. The card includes a note that reads: "With the best of Holiday Wishes." It is signed by the couple.
[Holloway School in Longview]
Photograph of the students of Holloway School in Longview, Texas. From left to right, front to back, the members of the photograph pictured are: Front row: Sidney Birdsong, Dee McHaney, Carlton Holloway, Will McHaney, Howard Hill, Searcy Birdsong. Second row: Gladys Hill, Myrtle Dean, Tuessie Harrison, Minnie Hill, Gertrude Harrison, Mrytle Phillips. Third row: Jess Pool, Alton Holloway, Ollie Kate Hill, Juddie Holloway, Alamo Birdsong, Sallie McHaney, Charles Pool, Dee Pliler. Back row: Lindsey Dean, Miss Annie Lee Holloway (teacher), Charley Akin, Roy Dean.
[Longview Veterans]
Photograph of many unidentified Longview, Texas veterans that fought in the Spanish American war.
[LeTourneau Tournapull]
Photograph of the LeTourneau Industries Tournapull, a massive piece of machinery designed and built by Robert G. LeTourneau of Longview, Texas. The machine was used to clear land for massive projects. This Tournapull was used to aid in the Hansen Dam project in San Fernando, California. LeTourneau used thirteen Tournapulls, a fleet of Carryalls and many bulldozers for this project. The LeTourneau crane is visible in the background of the photo, to the left of the Tournapull.
[Mobberly and Dobbs]
Photographic postcard of H. Mobberly and W. C. Dobbs standing in front of a painted railroad car backdrop. Mr. Mobberly is standing on the left, and Mr. Dobbs is standing on the right.
[Cody B. Culpepper]
Photograph of Cody B. Culpepper of Longview, Texas. Mr. Culpepper was Longview's primary photographer and historian. Mr. Culpepper is standing next to his camera in the photograph.
[1921 Longview High School Graduating Class]
Photograph of the 1921 graduating class of Longview High School in Longview, Texas. The unidentified students are standing and sitting in front of a brick building. The young girls are wearing white dresses and hats, and they are holding bouquets. The young men are wearing suits and ties.
[Judson Schoolhouse of Longview]
Photographic postcard of the Judson Schoolhouse in Longview, Texas. The postcard is addressed to "Miss Helen Ray" of Longview, as noted on the back of the postcard.
[Brown, Crain and Boring Families]
Photograph of the Brown, Crain and Boring families of Longview, Texas. The family members are pictured on the front porch of Bluford W. Brown's home, which was located at 104 W. Whaley Street. From left to right, top to bottom, the family members pictured are: Top row: Newton Brown, Iris Boyd Brown, Edward E. Crain, Lula Frances Brown-Crain, Mittie F. Brown-Bruce, Robert Halsey Bruce, Emma Brown-Boring, Walter Brown, Oscar Brown, Johanna Clark-Brown. Second row: Bluford W. Brown, Lacy (Maydee) Eddins (sitting in Bluford's lap), Elliot, Mannie Brown, Nancy Cox Brown, Lynn Brown (sitting in Nancy's lap), Mattie Carroll. Third row: Jessie Boring-Bramlette, Elmo Brown, Tad B. Stinchcomb. Bottom row: Emory Boring, Joseph Boring, Fred Brown, Ethel Brown, B. W. Crain, Sr., Lillo Crain.
[Longview Birthday Party]
Photograph of young girls gathered for a birthday party in Longview, Texas. The girls are all wearing dresses and bows in their hair, and there is a dog lying on the ground in front of them. From left to right, top to bottom, the members of the photograph are: Top row: Ruth Florence, Mildred Sparkman, Frances Morgan, Dorothy Earl Watson. Second row: Ruth Sparkman, Katherine Melton, Lucile Morgan, Florine Eddins. Third row: Mary Emily Landers (baby), Josephine Hopkins. Bottom row: Christine Johnson, Katherine Flewellen, Adele Moore.
[Longview Race Riot]
Photograph of the Longview Race Riot in Longview, Texas. Local residents piled their personal guns and ammunition on the county courthouse lawn. There are two men in uniform standing next to the guns, and there are many men standing in the background.
[Mule-drawn Trolley]
Photograph of O. W. Methvin's mule-drawn trolley in Longview, Texas. The trolley system was Longview's earliest public transportation until the introduction of the electric trolley in 1911.
[A Soldier's Bunk and Equipment]
Photographic postcard of a soldier's bunk bed, equipment and uniform. The bed is sitting on a porch outside a building, and the equipment is displayed on top of the bed. The postcard is addressed to Miss Gladys Crews of Longview, Texas.
[1918 Longview High School Graduating Class]
Photograph of the 1918 Longview High School graduating class in Longview, Texas. The graduates are wearing dresses and suits, and they are standing on the front steps of a brick building.
[Kelly Plow Company Truck]
Photograph of a Kelly Plow Company truck in Longview, Texas. The company was founded in 1852 in Jefferson, Texas. G. A. Kelly later brought his company to Longview in 1882. Three employees are pictured standing next to the Kelly Plow Company truck, advertising and selling equipment.
[Longview Barber Shop]
Photograph of the inside of Clyde Thomas' barber shop in Longview, Texas. The barber shop was located at 108 West Methvin Street, inside the Gray's Building. The photograph is mounted on grey cardboard.
[Desert Song Stop Sign]
Photograph of a promotional stop sign for the movie, "the Desert Song" on Fredonia Street in Longview, Texas, as noted on the back of the photograph. The stop sign reads: "STOP, SEE, HEAR THE DESERT SONG." There are parked and moving cars behind the sign, and there are several brick buildings in the background. One building, on the left side of the photograph, has a sign that reads: "CRAIN'S CORNER DRUG STORE" and "Coca Cola."
[Longview Railroad Depot]
Photograph of the Texas and Pacific Railroad Station in Longview, Texas. The depot was located at the corner of Cotton and Fredonia streets, and it was moved to the corner of Cotton and Mobberly streets in 1931. There are several people walking outside the depot, and there is a horse drawn carriage parked on the street, in front of the depot.
[Teague Residence]
Photograph of the Teague family home in Longview, Texas. The home is two stories with a large wrap-around porch. It has blue and white wood siding on the exterior.
[Historic Campbell Residence]
Photograph of the family home of Thomas Mitchell Campbell, the former Governor of Texas. The home was built by Campbell for his wife, Fannie Bruner, in 1889. The house was located at the corner of Green and Methvin streets in Longview, Texas.
[Oil Fields]
Photograph of an oil field in Longview, Texas. The oil fields in Longview and Kilgore, Texas. There were 24 wells on 10 lots owned by 6 different companies.
[Bodie Park]
Photograph of Bodie Park in downtown Longview, Texas. The park contained a Confederate Monument and was located across from the First National Bank at the corner of Fredonia and Tyler streets.
[LeTourneau Dome Construction]
Photograph of the dome construction at LeTourneau Munitions, Inc., a company that produced massive amounts of ammunition during WWII in Longview, Texas. The heavy machinery used to construct the dome were designed and built by Robert G. LeTourneau.
[Young Men of Longview]
Photograph of six young men of Longview, Texas, nicknamed "the Big Six." From left to right, the young men pictured are Buck Howard, Clarence Oden, Sidney Smith, June Bivins, Rush Moore and Everett Bussey. The photograph is mounted on tan cardboard.
[Rembert Family]
Photograph of Frank Rembert, Kate Rembert, and an unidentified friend from Longview, Texas. They are riding in a replica of an early Ford automobile.
[Longview Sawmill Workers]
Photograph of the Longview Sawmill workers in Longview, Texas. The mill was located on Mobberly Street. There is a tan border around the exterior of the photograph.
[Bish Mathis Typewriting School]
Photograph of the staff of the Bish Mathis Typewriting School in Longview, Texas. Mathis opened the school in 1935 on Green Street, where it remained until 1937. He then moved the school to the Glover Crim Building. From left to right, the staff members pictured are: Top row: Bish Mathis, Don Khoury, John Ben Sheppard, unknown. Bottom row: unknown, Oscar Jones, Josh Moore.
[Kilgore College Rangerettes at Harmon Hospital]
Photograph of the Kilgore College Rangerettes marching outside of Harmon Hospital in Longview, Texas. The girls are performing for injured soldiers at the hospital.
[Protho-Brown Wedding Party]
Photograph of the wedding party of Brownie Prothro and John Crutcher Brown. They were married on March 16, 1919 in Longview, Texas. Prothro is pictured in the center of the group, holding the bridal bouquet. The women are all wearing white dresses and holding small bouquets. From left to right, top to bottom, the members pictured are: Back row: Miss Emma Northcutt, Mrs. Paul Bramlette, Mrs. John Crim, Mrs. Garrone Northcutt. Middle row: Mrs. Howell Foreman, Sr., Mrs. L. N. Markham, Miss Dolly Taylor, Miss Brownie Prothro, Miss Leone Harrison, Mrs. Maurice Bivins, Mrs. Mulia Shaw Acker, Miss Dolly Northcutt. Front row: Princess Louise Markham, Ann Brown (flower girls).
[King Kong Movie Promotion]
Photograph of a movie promotion for the Rembert Theatre in Longview, Texas. This photograph shows large billboards attached to moving vehicles as they parade through the streets of Longview to promote the new "King Kong" movie, which was released in 1929. There are many people gathered in the streets watching the movie promotion. The photograph is mounted on tan cardboard.
[Railroads in Longview]
Photograph of two railroad workers posing next to a train in Longview, Texas.
[Gans Residence]
Photographic postcard of the family home of Dave Gans of Longview, Texas. There are six unidentified individuals sitting on the large, wrap-around porch, and there is an African American woman standing in the yard.
[Longview Sawmill]
Photograph of the interior of the Longview Sawmill in Longview, Texas. The sawmill was located at South Mobberly Avenue before it was later moved to a different location. There are several workers pictured inside the sawmill. The photograph is mounted on tan cardboard.