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[Ahavath Sholom Synagogue]

Description: Photograph of the Ahavath Sholom Congregation's second synagogue, located in the 800 block Taylor Street, Fort Worth, Texas. The synagogue, constructed in 1906 at a cost of $15,000, was a two-story brick building with stained-glass windows, a sanctuary with a balcony for women, and basement classrooms. The Hebrew phrase above the door translates to: "1906 Ahavath Sholom." The congregation worshiped in this synagogue from 1906 to 1951. The building was torn down to create a parking lot.
Date: 1960~
Partner: Fort Worth Jewish Archives

[1961 Ahavath Sholom Confirmation Class]

Description: Photograph of the 1961 Ahavath Sholom confirmation class standing around the altar of the synagogue at 1600 W. Myrtle St., Fort Worth, Texas. The women are standing in the front and wearing light-colored robes; the men are standing in the back and wearing dark-colored robes. From left to right, the confirmands pictured are: Front row: Arlene Lois Sonkin, Leslie Faye Kreisberg, Karen Sue Imber, Andrea Bernstein (Deen), Marlene Annette Schwartz, Andrea Ruth Goldberg, Trudy Klimist, Diane Jane Mehl. Second row: Harold Zenick, Helen Susan Hillman, Gail S. Shandelson, Ellen Bari Brachman, Carol Klimist, Sally Ann Schumer, Karen Ann Lerner. Third row: Michael Raskin, Ronald Herzfeld, Lawrence J. Korenman, Edward H. Garsek, Gerald Zenick, Sanford Bogart, Charles Morton Coughey, Tommy Lee Stanley. Back row: Ronald D. Savitz, Herbert Weisblatt, Ben P. Herman, Cantor Phillip Kirshner, Rabbi Isadore Garsek, Ben D. Tobor, Sherwin Coplin, Richard J. Savitz.
Date: May 14, 1961
Partner: Fort Worth Jewish Archives

[Jewish Pre-School Students]

Description: Photograph of pre-school students at the Dan Danciger Jewish Community Center in Fort Worth, Texas. The students are arranged in five rows with students in the back two rows standing and the others are seated; the teachers are standing other either side of the students. From left to right, the teachers in the photograph are: Lil Goldman, Ceil Echt, Eunice Coy and Miriam Schultz.
Date: 1964~
Creator: Don Barnett Photography
Partner: Fort Worth Jewish Archives

[Book Fair Poster 1965]

Description: Poster for the annual book fair "sponsored by the Council of Jewish Women," as noted on the front on the poster. Full poster text reads: "Book Fair, Give your Books Now to be Sold at Nominal Prices at the BOOK FAIR, APRIL 3 thru 11, SEMINARY SOUTH SHOPPING Center. PHONE WA3-7495 for FREE PICK-UP. PROCEEDS TO BENEFIT TARRANT COUNTY Youth Projects."
Date: 1965
Partner: Fort Worth Jewish Archives