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Richardson Volunteer Fire Department

Description: Photograph of a group portrait of the Richardson Volunteer Fire Department. Eleven men are posing around a fire truck; six men are sitting on the back side, one man is sitting on the front, and four men are standing in front of it. The truck is parked in front of a brick building. Names on the back of the photograph identify the men.
Date: 1934~
Partner: Richardson Public Library

Portrait of John B. Jordan, Fire Chief

Description: Photograph of a bust-length portrait of John B. Jordan, Fire Chief. He is wearing a hat, a tie, and suit jacket. The Richardson Fire Department was organized in 1925, when the first water mains were laid. He moved to Richardson in 1917 and had spent nine years before on the Plano Fire Department.
Date: unknown
Creator: Classen Studio
Partner: Richardson Public Library

Portrait of Jacob Routh

Description: Copy photograph of an illustration of Jacob Routh, an early settler, minister, and businessman. He is wearing suit jacket; text below the image says "Jacob Routh." He was born December 22, 1818, in Dandridge, Jefferson County, Tennessee; he died April 30, 1879, near Plano, Collin County, Texas, and was buried in Jacob Routh Cemetery in Richardson, Texas. He married Lodemia Anne Campbell on October 30, 1853 in Dallas, Texas.
Date: unknown
Partner: Richardson Public Library

Aerial View of Downtown Richardson

Description: Photograph of an aerial view of downtown Richardson, Texas. Streets intersecting in the foreground are Main Street and Greenville Avenue. The City Hall complex can be seen in the bottom-right corner of the image. Other buildings and cars are visible.
Date: 1950~/1960~
Partner: Richardson Public Library

Alvin Ragsdale Home

Description: Photograph of an exterior view of the Alvin Ragsdale home, built in the 1920s; its location is now Beltline and 75 Central Expressway. The brick house is one-story tall, and has an enclosed porch with brick arches on the left. On the right, there is a chimney with decorative brick patterns on it. Plants and shrubs are growing in front of the house.
Date: 192u
Partner: Richardson Public Library

Portrait of Jesse M. Harben

Description: Photograph of a bust-length portrait of Jesse M. (Jess) Harben. He is wearing a suit and tie, and is the son of Raymond Park Harben. Text below the image says "Jesse M. Harben, Druggist 1910" and "Jesse Monroe Harben."
Date: 1910
Partner: Richardson Public Library

[Portraits of Sam Harben and Tillie Harben]

Description: Two photographs of Sam Harben and Tillie Harben. The first photograph features a portrait of Sam Harben, husband of Tillie Harben. He is wearing a suit and patterned tie, and is holding rolled up papers in his hands. He was born September 12, 1878, and died in October 1960. The second photograph features a portrait of Tillie Harben. She is wearing a blouse with a pattern in the center and a skirt. She is posing with two dogs.
Date: unknown
Creator: Conger, Fred
Partner: Richardson Public Library

Portrait of Uncle Sam and Aunt Jane

Description: Photograph of a man and woman identified as Sam P. and Margaret Jane Lucas Harben. They are sitting in chairs in front of an anniversary cake and 50th anniversary flower bouquets. On the left, a half visible calendar says "1950," and is either from October or November. Framed photographs hang on the wall above the bouquets.
Date: 1950
Partner: Richardson Public Library

Portrait of Jess Harben and Clifford Watson

Description: Postcard of two men wearing bathing suits; on man is sitting on a log, and the other is standing to his right. They are identified as Jesse Monroe (Jess) Harben and Clifford Watson. In the background, there is a painted beach scene. Text to the right of the image says "Jess Harben[,] Clifford Watson." Jesse Monroe (Jess) Harben lived from December 14, 1888 to October 5, 1973. Clifford Watson live from June 30, 1887 to December 1972.
Date: 1915~
Partner: Richardson Public Library

Richardson Police

Description: Photograph of three Richardson police officers. They are all wearing uniforms, and are standing in front of a police car with the text, "Richardson Police," on the side. The men are identified as Officer A. D. Tucker, Chief Jack Stults, and Officer J. W. Golden. Richardson City Hall is in the background. J. W. Golden became chief when Jack Stults died in 1957.
Date: 1955
Partner: Richardson Public Library

Terrace Park Pool

Description: Photograph of Terrace Park Pool. Several children are in the water, and others are walking along the edge of the pool. In the background, there are children on diving boards. Behind them, there is a set of three metal tanks. Text below the photograph says "Terrace Pool."
Date: 196?
Creator: Conger Studio
Partner: Richardson Public Library