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[Ahavath Sholom Minutes]

Description: Handwritten list of the thirty one members of the Ahavath Sholom Congregation in 1895 in Fort Worth, Texas. The front of the document lists the members of the congregation, and the back of the document lists the officers. When the list was created, Ahavath Sholom was the only synagogue in Fort Worth.
Date: October 6, 1895
Creator: Levenson, Ben
Partner: Fort Worth Jewish Archives

Alec Ormand

Description: Photograph of Mr Alec Ormand on the night of the Butler's dance. Mr. Ormand appears to be quite young. He is wearing a three piece suit, white shirt and tie and a watch fob. In his left hand, he holds a thin cane or walking stick. His a felt hat is hanging from a fence post to his left. His right fist rests on his hip with his elbow cocked. This appears to be a posed photograph by a professional photographer. At the bottom of the photo are the words "Barr B San Antonio Texas", which may be the photographer's logo. His hair is dark and slicked back and he looks quite dapper.
Date: December 1, 1892
Creator: Barr Photographs
Partner: Wilson County Historical Society

Bowser and Blewett Family Trip to Oklahoma

Description: Copy photograph of a group of people identified as the Bowser family and Blewett family. They are posing in a camp with two covered wagons and a tent. Children are standing outside of the tent. The families camped while going to Oklahoma in 1897. Maimie Bowser kept a diary of the trip.
Date: August 1897
Partner: Richardson Public Library

C. H. Blewett Home

Description: Copy photograph of one man, woman, boy, and two girls standing outside of the C. H. Blewett House. They are identified as Chapman H. Blewett (1856-), Mattie Skiles Blewett (1855-), John Blewett (1881-), Laura Blewett (1887-), and Jessie Blewett (1896-). Text above the image says "C. H. Blewett home at Richardson, Texas about 1898." Text below the image labels each person.
Date: 1898~
Partner: Richardson Public Library

[Chaney Family]

Description: Photograph of the Chaney family of Longview, Texas. Mr. Robert R. Chaney and Mrs. Mary Ellen Johnson Chaney are pictured with three of their unidentified children. The family moved from Longview to Lometa, Texas some time between 1900-1910, but later moved their family of nine children back to Longview.
Date: 1893~
Partner: Longview Public Library

Children of Henry Braunig and Mary Lindenberg Braunig

Description: Family portrait of the children of Henry Braunig and Mary Lindenberg Braunig. According to accompanying information, the children are Lillie (top left, born February 1889), Victor (top right, born May 1890), Hubert (bottom left, born March 1893), and Carl (bottom right, born August 1895). The photograph is mounted on mat board.
Date: 1895/1909
Creator: Fey & Braunig
Partner: Friench Simpson Memorial Library

Constitution and By-Laws of the Texas Eclectic Medical Association of the State of Texas

Description: This pamphlet contains the text of the Texas Eclectic Medical Association's constitution and by-laws, including the purpose of the Association, membership information, election of officers, resolutions, ethics, as well as other rules and regulations.
Date: 1891
Creator: Texas Eclectic Medical Association
Partner: University of Texas Health Science Center Libraries

First Grand Jury Called After 1899

Description: Postcard of the first grand jury called after the Hallettsville Courthouse was completed in 1899. The members of the jury are posing in front of the courthouse. They are not named. On the back is written "1st Grand Jury after Present Ct. House built."
Date: 1899
Partner: Friench Simpson Memorial Library

[First National Bank of Longview]

Description: Photographic postcard of the First National Bank in Longview, Texas. The bank was located on Tyler Street. There are two signs with the name of the bank on either side of the door. From left to right, the men pictured are W. K. Eckman, Elbert Morgan, Crawford Morgan and Rogers Rainey, as noted on the back of the postcard.
Date: 1890~
Partner: Longview Public Library

[Gans Residence]

Description: Photographic postcard of the family home of Dave Gans of Longview, Texas. There are six unidentified individuals sitting on the large, wrap-around porch, and there is an African American woman standing in the yard.
Date: 1890~
Creator: Culpepper, Cody B.
Partner: Longview Public Library

H. W. and Ida Greer Residence

Description: Photograph of an exterior view of the Greer family home on Interurban Street in Richardson, Texas. The wooden house has a covered porch in the front with two doors. There are two trees in the yard. A woman, girl, and man are standing outside the picket fence; they are identified as Ida Huffhines Greer, Ruth Greer, and Henry W. Greer.
Date: 1896~
Partner: Richardson Public Library

Investigations into the Nature, Causation, and Prevention of Texas or Southern Cattle Fever

Description: This book serves as "a report on the nature, causation, and prevention of Texas cattle fever" (p. 9) or the infection of cattle by ticks. It includes statistical tables and illustrations of red blood corpuscles infected by ticks. Index begins on page 297.
Date: 1893
Creator: Smith, Theobold & Kilborne, Fred Lucius
Partner: University of Texas Health Science Center Libraries

[Jim Bennett]

Description: Photograph of Jim Bennett, a member of the Dalton Gang. Bennett was involved in the 1894 Dalton Gang bank robbery. He was shot and captured when he attempted to escape, and he was later hung. In the photo, Bennett is leaning against a wooden barrel. He has a gunshot wound near his heart.
Date: June 1894
Partner: Longview Public Library

[Lawrence Residence]

Description: Photograph of the family home of Dr. C. W. Lawrence in Longview, Texas. The home was built in 1874 on the corner of Cotton and Fredonia streets. It was built using Queen Anne Victorian style architecture.
Date: 1890~
Partner: Longview Public Library

[Lone Star School]

Description: Photograph of two groups of people inside a rural school building. One group of people are facing forward and the other group are facing backward. There are four windows visible in the photograph. A hurricane lamp is visible towards the left middle of the frame. Women and girls are wearing dresses and hats. Men and boys are wearing coats and bow ties. A decoration at the top left hanging from the ceiling appears to say "Welcome."
Date: 1894
Partner: Haslet Public Library

[Longview Law Enforcement]

Description: Photograph of Jim Howard and Matt Muckleroy, two city law enforcers from Longview, Texas. Howard was the Sheriff of Longview, and Muckleroy was the City Marshal. Muckleroy was injured during the Dalton Gang Robbery on May 23rd, 1894.
Date: 1894
Partner: Longview Public Library

[Longview Sawmill]

Description: Photograph of the interior of the Longview Sawmill in Longview, Texas. The sawmill was located at South Mobberly Avenue before it was later moved to a different location. There are several workers pictured inside the sawmill. The photograph is mounted on tan cardboard.
Date: 1890~
Partner: Longview Public Library

[Lorraine Calvin]

Description: Photograph of Lorraine Calvin of Longview, Texas. Lorraine is sitting down, holding a violin. She is wearing a lace dress and a pearl necklace. She was a prominent musician in Longview.
Date: 1890~
Partner: Longview Public Library