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House on First Street
Photograph of frame house with circular porch extend from the front of the house to the right side. A man is sitting on the steps of the porch and a woman is walking on the right side of the house. Outbuildings are to the rear of the house.
[Inside Smith Drug Store]
Photograph of three women and two men inside the Smith Drug Store in Floresville, Texas. They are, from left to right, Altha Burkett; Theodore A. Rohr; Edwin Forrest Smith, Sr.; Mrs. Jess Beam; and Mrs. Thelma Brooks.
[Inside the Bookmobile]
Photograph of shelves full of books and two stools inside the Wilson County Bookmobile in Floresville, Texas.
[Interior of Ice Cream Shop]
Photograph of the interior of an ice cream shoppe in Wilson County, Texas. Several boys drink milkshakes at the counter across from a waitress, and there are heart shaped boxes to the left. A man stands by a cash register behind the counter to the right.
[Interior of White House Cafe]
Photograph of the interior of the White House Cafe in Floresville, Texas. Several tables and chairs are set up to the right of the counter and stairs, and a sign leading to the wash room is visible in the background.
J.A. Vornon & Son Blacksmith Shop
Photograph of blacksmith shop. Men and boys are standing under sign the left front of the shop that says "J.A. Varnon & Son". Horses drawing buggies are parked in front of the shop. The tower of the Wilson County Court House can be seen in the background.
[J. E. Canfield on a Camping Trip]
Photograph of J. E. Canfield sitting in a chair in front of a line of trees while on a camping trip.
[J. J. Schneider's Home]
Photograph of several people standing on the porch of the home of J. J. Scneider in Three Oaks, Texas. A wire fence with a wooden gate surrounds the house.
J. J. Stevens' Home
Photograph of large single-story frame house surrounded by a fence with several large trees. An adult standing near one of the fence posts is holding a child.
T.J. Short Home
Photograph of white frame house with large porch wrapping around to the left side of the house. White picket fence surrounds the house.
J. W. Manak Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
Photograph of blacksmith shop. Two men and three children are standing by the doorway in front of the shop. The sign on facade states: "J.W.MANAK, BLACKSMITH & WOODWORK".
[Jamie Harris as a Child]
Photograph of Jamie Lou Walker Harris as a child standing in a field next to a dog. She wears a dress and has a large bow in her hair.
Jeff Varnon & Mexican Chowako
Two men sitting on plows pulled by mules.
The John Hern Gin
Photograph of the John Hern Gin in Fairview, Texas. Trees are in the front of the gin with the smokestack and water tower shown in the background.
John McDaniel, Sr. Home
Photograph of large two-story frame house with large porches on both floors. House is surrounded by a picket fence. Several trees are are in the yard around the house.
John Nance Garner
John Nance Garner of uvale, Texas as Vice President of the United State. Mr. Garner is photographed in a suit and tie.
[John Sutherland Well]
Photograph of the stone John Sutherland well at the baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. A chain link fence is visible in the background.
[John T. Montgomery House]
Photograph of the rear exterior of the John T. Montgomery House on stilts near Cibolo Creek in La Vernia, Texas. Trees are visible in the background.
Judge S. T. Morris
County Judge S. T. Morris for Wilson County Texas. Judge Morris dressed in a starch white shirt and dark tuxedo with a bow tie.
[Kathleen Canfield Williams Sitting]
Photograph of Kathleen Canfield Williams as a young girl sitting on the post of a wooden fence.
[Kicaster Community Marker]
Photograph of the Texas Historical Commission plaque about the Kicaster Community in front of a tree in Wilson County, Texas.
[Kosub House]
Photograph of the exterior of the Kosub House in Wilson County, Texas. Trees are visible in the house's yard.
[Large Tree in Front of House]
Photograph of two large trees and part of a rusty fence in front of a house in Wilson County, Texas. A porch deck is visible to the right.
[Laying Cornerstone of Courthouse]
Photograph of a group of people laying the cornerstone of the Wilson County courthouse in Floresville, Texas.
[Log Cabin in Union Valley]
Photograph of a dirt road in front of a log cabin in Union Valley, Texas. A tree is visible to the right.
[Man by Gas Pumps]
Photograph of Edwin Johnson standing by the gas pumps at the grand opening of the Sinclair Gasoline station in Wilson County, Texas.
[Man by Plane]
Photograph of Elbert W. Franklin standing in his military uniform in front of a plane in Wilson County, Texas.
[Man by Wagon]
Photograph of an African American man, identified as Uncle Sam Harris, standing by two mules hitched to a wagon. A building is visible in the background.
[Man in a Meat Market]
Photograph of a man, identified as John Henry Wheeler, standing in a meat market in Stockdale, Texas.
[Man in Military Uniform]
Photograph of an unidentified man in a military uniform, standing with one leg on a chair.
[Man Leaving Cemetery]
Photograph of John Grammer at the gate of the Leach-Hastings Cemetery in Wilson County, Texas. A car and trees are visible in the background.
[Man on Ranch]
Photograph of Johnnie Zaiontz walking past a house surrounded by trees on the Tom Callaway Ranch in La Vernia, Texas.
[Man Standing by River]
Photograph of an unidentified man in a hat standing by the side of a river in Wilson County, Texas. Trees are visible on the opposite river bank.
[Man Waving in Car]
Photograph of two men in a car, including Judge Voges waving on the right, during the Wilson County centennial in Floresville, Texas. A line of people stands in front of the Wilson County Telephone Company building in the background.
Man, Woman and Holy Bible
Unknown man and women photographed. They are an older couple and she has her left hand on his shoulder. The man is dressed in a dark three piece suit with white shirt. There is a chair from his vest to a pocket. The man is holding a large copy of the Holy Bible. The couple may be standing in front of a scalloped pattern quilt.
[Marcelina Baptist Church]
Photograph of a field of wild flowers in front of the Marcelina Baptist Church in Floresville, Texas.
Mary Bell King
Portrait of Mary Bell King as a young child. Her blonde curls are styled is a short and stylish fashion. Her baby smile is sweet and endearing she is wearing a white lacy dress. She is posed with her ankles crossed and is wearing black patent leather shoes.
[Memorial by Stockdale City Hall]
Photograph of several monuments and flower beds on the lawn in front of the Stockdale Community Building & City Hall in Stockdale, Texas. Cars are parked to the left.
[Men in Auto and Carriage Dept.]
Photograph of two men in a garage with a carriage and a car in it in Wilson County, Texas. The man to the right sits at a sewing machine, and the man to the left leans against a carriage. The handwritten note at the bottom of the photo reads "Auto & Carrage [sic] top Dept."
[Men in Front of Building]
Photograph of nine men standing in a line in front of a building in Wilson County, Texas. Horses, a wagon, and piles of bags are visible behind them.
[Men in Front of Railroad]
Photograph of three men standing in front of the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railroad, and two standing on the steps leading into the train car.
[Methodist Church]
Photograph of a Methodist parsonage building in Wilson County, Texas. Trees are visible in the yard to the right.
[Methodist Church Choir]
Photograph of the Floresville, Texas Methodist Church choir in the choir loft behind the pulpit. A woman sits at a piano to the left.
Methodist Church, Floresville, Texas
Methodist church with bell tower on the corner of a dirt road. The church is fenced with a white picket fence and a bloom tree in the front courtyard. Next door to the church is the patronage. On the opposite side of the street from the church is the beginning of a crop.
[Methodist Church in Floresville]
Photograph of a Methodist Church in Floresville, Texas. A road is visible in the foreground.
Methodist Parsonage
This is a black and white photo of the Methodist parsonage in Floresville, Texas. Featured in the photo are four young children and a dog. The house has to two covered porches with step leading upto the landings. The house also has lattice work from the ground up to the porches.
[Mrs. Annie's Peanut Patch]
Photograph of a truck parked under a blue awning in front of Mrs. Annie's Peanut Patch in Floresville, Texas.
[Mrs. Knox Reading a Book]
Photograph of the wife of Dr. Robert Taggert Knox sitting with a book open in her lap.
Mrs. W. B. Toone
Mrs. W. B. Toone poses for a professional photograph studio. She is wear of beautifully embroidered gown that is dark in color with butterfly design stitching,
[Mueller Bridge]
Photograph of the Mueller Bridge at McAlister Crossing in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Trees are visible in the foreground.