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[Technical Drawing of Card Catalogs]

Description: Technical drawing proposing additional card catalogs in the Cooke County Library. The plan shows the dimensions of the catalog cabinets and also has an inset sketch (in the upper-left corner) of the cabinets' relationship to the surrounding shelving as viewed from above. Scale 1:24.
Date: May 5, 1986
Partner: Cooke County Library

[Two Cooke County Library Branches]

Description: Photographs of two branches of the Cooke County Library system. The top image is identified as Carnegie Library. The brick building is two-stories high, with a stairway leading to a doorway in the front. Windows covered by awnings are on both sides the stairway. Trees surround the building and street sign is located on the corner that says "Main," "Denton," and has a "One Way" sign with an arrow pointing right. Text above the image says "Book # T148 [/] NSI ID H4650099.08 [/] Story 99 [/] PIC 1 [/] COLS 1 [/] 58% [/] Page # [/] Picture # [/] T148 [c]Gainesville Carnegie Library." The bottom image is identified as Cooke County Library on Weaver Street in Gainesville, Texas. There are two doorways set back from the front wall of the building. The front is made of two patterned brick sections, with a light-colored section in the center; text in the center says "Cook Cou[nty Libra]ry." Two sets of steps lead to the building, and a tree is growing in between them. Text above the image says "Book # T148 [/] NSI ID H4650099.08 [/] Story 99 [/] PIC 2 [/] COLS 1 [/] 58% [/] Page # [/] Picture # [/] T148 [c]Cooke County Library [md] We." Text below the image says "Cooke County Library[,] Weaver Street Between Main [and] Pecan[.] 1963 -."
Date: unknown
Partner: Cooke County Library