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[Letter from McCarty Moore to John E. Surratt, December 31, 1925]
Letter from W. McCarty Moore to John E. Surratt at the Kessler Plan Association congratulating the Association on the success of the Kessler Plan. The letter included a check for $50 for a membership subscription.
[Letter from the Kessler Plan Association, January 19, 1926]
Letter from John E. Surratt at the Kessler Plan Association to members of the Advertising League regarding ways that the special committee could help to promote the Kessler Plan Association's city plan for Dallas, Texas. The original letter included copies of maps and literature about the Kessler Plan.
Two Letters of Interest to Dallas Folks
Two letters to John E. Surratt, secretary of the Kessler Plan Association, printed on the same page. The first is from J. C. Nichols, suggesting that the Association postpone the election for bond issues (rather than holding them during a regular municipal election). The second letter is from F. W. A. Vesper discussing reasons that bond measures did not pass in Kansas City, Missouri.