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Primary view of The Kessler City Plan For Dallas: A Review of the Plan and Progress on its Accomplishment
Head, Louis P.
Primary view of [Letter from McCarty Moore to John E. Surratt, December 31, 1925]
Moore, W. McCarty
December 31, 1925
Primary view of Prospects Bright for Kessler Program Cary Report Urges Action: Points Out Unity of Support and Cost of Further Delay
unknown creator
Primary view of [Letter from the Kessler Plan Association, January 19, 1926]
Kessler Plan Association
January 19, 1926
Primary view of What Does "Our City" Need?
Surratt, John E.
Primary view of A Zoning Ordinance: For the City of Dallas
Dallas (Tex.). City Plan Commission.
Primary view of [Document Outlining Details of Bond Measures in St. Louis and Kansas City]
[Kessler Plan Association]
Primary view of Two Letters of Interest to Dallas Folks
Nichols, J. C.
unknown creation date