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[Interior Church Altar]
Photograph of the Interior of St. David's Church during the of Reverend Thomas Booth Lee. The pews are empty, but a man is seated up near the altar. There are large chandeliers in the sanctuary and a stained glass window behind the altar. The caption beneath the photo reads, "Interior of St. David's Church, Austin, Texas, during the early part of the rectorship of the Rev. Thomas Booth Lee- 1875-1912."
Photograph of Katherine Thomas
Photograph of Katherine (Kate) (Rayburn) Thomas. Katherine Thomas was one of Sam Rayburn's sisters. The photograph is a head and shoulders image of Mrs. Thomas. She wears a V-neck dress with shiny appliques on the shoulders. She wears a matching necklace. her hair is pulled back from her face in a low chignon.
[Sunday School Picnic]
Photograph of a Sunday school picnic. A large group of people is posing in a line outdoors. Two women are holding umbrellas, and everyone pictured is wearing a hat. Small children are seated in the front row.