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Sam Rayburn in President Truman's Inuagural Parade

Description: Black and white photograph of Sam Rayburn riding in the front seat of a convertible vehicle during President Harry S. Truman's January 20, 1949 inaugaural parade. Sam Rayburn sits in the passenger side front seat of the vehicle. In the back are (from left to right): Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Fred Vinson, Mrs. Roberta Vinson and Lucinda Rayburn (Sam Rayburn's sister and longtime hostess). The men both wear dark colored top coats and top hats. The women both wear dark colored coats and hats. Lucinda's hat includes a veil which she wears over her face. In the background of the photo is another convertible with people sitting inside. In the far background is a crowd of people sitting/standing in bleachers. They cannot be seen clearly.
Date: 1949
Partner: Sam Rayburn House Museum

Samuel Edward Bartley high school graduation photo

Description: Photograph of graduation high school class. The photograph was likely taken sometime between 1880 and 1910. The man seated in the middle of the front row is Samuel Edward (S.E.) Bartley, Sam Rayburn's brother-in-law. Mr. Bartley married Sam Rayburn's sister Medibel in 1902 and together they had two children. S.E. and Medibel moved into the Rayburn home in the 1940s. Mr. Bartley's high school graduation photo shows twelve students; nine girls and three boys. The girls all wear long sleeved, high necked, long, white guazy dresses. They all appear to have long hair, worn up. The boys wear three piece suits with white button-down shirts, ties and stiff collars. The front row is comprised of two girls sitting on the left, Mr. Bartley seated in the center and two girls seated at the right. The back row is comprised of a standing group of students. Two women, a boy, a girl, a boy and two women stand from left to right.
Date: 1880/1910
Partner: Sam Rayburn House Museum

Speech by Judge Learned Hand "Spirit of Liberty"

Description: Document with the most famous lines from Judge Learned Hand's speech from the "I Am An American Day" event which was held in New York City's Central Park on May 21, 1944. Hand spoke about the spirit of liberty and how it is found in our hearts, not in a physical location or within any documents. He became very well known for this speech and specifically this passage. The text is printed in black ink on cream colored paper. The text is framed by a thin, black decorative border.
Date: 1944/1961
Partner: Sam Rayburn House Museum

"Time You Were Home, Papa" Print

Description: Color print depicting a small child, standing on a chair speaking into a phone saying, "HELLO PAPA!" The tagline at the middle of the print reads, "TIME YOU WERE HOME, PAPA." A clock at the top of the print shows that the time is 12:47. The child wears only a cloth diaper and one shoe. He stands on a chair that is pulled up next to a table. The child speaks into a old, candlestick early model phone. The child's clothing or pajamas hang off one corner of the chair he is standing upon. The chair's seat and the top of the table are both green. There are are several books next to the phone on the table.
Date: 1906
Partner: Sam Rayburn House Museum

Waller Family Coat of Arms

Description: Print of the Waller family coat of arms. Painted by Odine Mhoon. Odine was married to Sam Rayburn's nephew Morris Lightfoot in 1956. They divorced and Morris eventually remarried. The ivory colored paper displays the Waller coat of arms in shades of brown, black, gold, gray, white, blue, green and red. A shield at center shows three gold walnut leaves between two silver bands. At the top is a walnut tree with a pendant shoing three fleurs de lis (the arms of France) with the motto above, "HIC FRUCTUS VIRTUTIS" which is Latin for "This is the reward of integrity." The word "Waller" is below the coat of arms and is written in cursive.
Date: 1850/1969
Creator: Odine Mhoon
Partner: Sam Rayburn House Museum

Watercolor Painting of an Oceanside scene

Description: Watercolor painting of an oceanside beach scene. Painting depicts a sandy dirt path or roadway leading to/from a body of water. Sandy grassy hills on either side of path with a small bush/tree on the right side. Water in background, sky above. In the lower right corner, the artist has signed the painting, "Nellie Bossey McCurdy 1903."
Date: 1903
Creator: Nellie Bossey McCurdy
Partner: Sam Rayburn House Museum