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[The Light Crust Doughboys Collection, No. 12 - The Doughboys on Tour 1952 - 1959]

Description: This home movie documents the Light Crust Doughboys (LCD) on tour and performing in Texas and the Southern United States in 1952 - 1959. Footage includes performers at the Bob Wills Ranch House in Dallas, Texas on November 27, 1951 (3 min., 06 sec.); a performance in Houston, Texas on June 25, 1952 that includes actors Tim Holt and Preston Foster (6 min, 44 sec.); a visit with actor Noah Beery, Jr. on September 30, 1952 in Little Rock, Arkansas (8 min, 07 sec.); a trip to historic sites in Vicksburg, Mississippi (8 min., 58 sec.); the exterior of the WFAA studio (11 min., 48 sec.); pianist Knocky Parker and guitarist Zeke Campbell playing together in 1954 (12 min, 07 sec.); a trip to the Port of Beaumont (12 min., 36 sec.); a stop in Lubbock for a parade and performance with Jack Perry at the ABC Rodeo (13 min., 40 sec); the LCD in Cedar Ridge recording studio (15 min., 48 sec.); the LCD and other performers filming a television show at Cross Road Store in May 1957 (16 min., 24 sec.); another performance at the ABC Rodeo in Lubbock in May 1957 (17 min., 47 sec.); the LCD traveling by car to Louisiana (19 min., 06 sec.); the LCD performing at segregated schools in Houma, Louisiana in 1958 (20 min., 57 sec.); the LCD, Dorothy Burnett, and other performers at the grand opening of a National Food Stores in Odessa in 1958 (22 min., 39 sec.); the LCD and other performers filming the "Funz-a-Poppin" television show for Channel 7 in Amarillo (24 min., 43 sec.); a stop in Pascagoula, Mississippi in 1958 (26 min., 37 sec.); a LCD performance in Athens in 1958 (27 min., 44 sec.); and the LCD and other performers at Love Field Airport in ...
Date: 1952/1959
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Partner: UNT Media Library