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"Amerique Septentrionale"
Hand-colored map of North America showing settlements, rivers, and mountains
Carte de la Cote Occidentale D'Amerique: Comprise Entre le Port de San Diego et le Golfe de Thuantepec
Civil War-era map showing the western coast of Mexico from Tehuantepec to San Diego as well as the eastern coast along the Gulf of Mexico, including all of the Texas coastline. Some areas along the coast are marked in yellow.
Carte des Cotes du Golfe du Mexique
Uncolored copper-plate engraved map of the West Indies and Gulf of Mexico.
Carte du Golfe de Mexique
Black and white sea chart showing the Atlantic seaboard from the Carolinas south and the Gulf of Mexico, including Yucatan, Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, and Haiti.
Carte Generale des Decovertes de L'Amiral de Fonte
Map showing routes of explorers in eastern Asia and western North America from about 1603 to 1752.
Le Champ D' Asile Au Texas
First page telling the story of the Colony in Texas; sketch of the colony included.
Les Mysteres du Transcontinental et de la Franco-Texan Land Co.
Front cover of a French text.
Prairiedom: Rambles and Scrambles in Texas or New Estrémadura.
Front cover, spine, and title page of a book about Texas anecdotes. Title page includes an anonymous French quotation and a second by Ben Jonson.