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[Document Regarding the Treaty of Limits]
Treaty recognizing the U.S.-Mexican Border with commentary in Spanish and the text of treaties in both English and Spanish, side-by-side, including agreements signed January 12, 1828, and April 5, 1831.
Estado libre de Coahuila y Tejas
Official Mexican Broadside tabulating the population of Coahuila and Texas for the 1833 census
"Primera Secretaria de Estado, Departmento de Exterior"
Treaty of January 12, 1828 to establish a U.S.-Mexican border. English and Spanish -untrans. Printed form. Folded. See 1974-62.
Segundo Calendario Portatil de Ignacio Cumplido, Para el ano de 1837, Arreglado al meridiano de Mexico.
Front and back covers of a Mexican Almanac.
Voz de la Patria, Tomo 2, Numero 19, Lunes 29 de Marzo de 1830
Continuation of the history of General Don Guadalupe Victoria, discussing the Fredonian Rebellion.