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Official Railroad and County Map of Texas
Pocket map of Texas and the surrounding areas with railroads marked in color. Geographic features are noted, as well as counties and some cities.
[Washington Lodge No. 18 Record Book]
Record book for Washington Lodge No. 18 from circa 1854.
One of three postcards depicting Sam Houston's homes, and monument to Houston; house depicted called Steamboat House
"Mitchell's Travellers Guide through the U.S. A map of the roads, distances, steam boat & canal routes &c."
Hand-colored steel-engraved map of the Eastern United States showing roads, towns, and rivers; insets of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, and Charleston; foldout table of distances and statistics
One of three postcards depicting Sam Houston's homes, and monument to Houston; monument depicted is in Huntsville, Texas
Map of the State of Texas
Promotional material of Texas Land and Immigration Co.
"Hammond's Complete Railroad and County Map of Texas"
County map of Texas showing railroad lines, towns, congressional districts, electric lines, steamship lines,and rivers
"A correct map of the seat of war in Mexico"
Hand-colored lithographed pocket map of Mexico showing roads, towns, geography, insets of distances, heights, ports, and memorandum of battles
"Atlas Geographique"
Small atlas of hand-colored engraved maps of each of the continents plus France and Germany
"Map of the Country between the frontiers of Arkansas and New Mexico embracing the section explored in 1849, 50, 51, & 52 by Capt. R.B. Marcy 5th U.S. Infy. under orders from the War Department"
Marcy's map of the Upper Red River.
Court record, map of San Antonio River area
Sam S. Smith, clerk, certifies that tract of land along San Antonio River is correctly surveyed, platted and recorded; map included with an area shown as the ‘Town Tract’
Tourists in Mexico
Photograph of tourists standing under a tree with their mules and buggies
Bob Dean: A Texas Story
Front and back covers of "Bob Dean : A Texas Story." The back cover contains advertisements.
Unidentified ruins in Mexico
Photo taken by tourists of unidentified ruins in Mexico
Unidentified ruins in Mexico
Photo taken by tourists of unidentified ruins in Mexico
Ruins of Missea
Photo taken by tourists with, "Ruins of Missea, Oaxaca, Mexico" penciled on back
Unidentified structure in Mexico
Photo taken by tourists of unidentified structure in Mexico
"A Deer Drive in the Texas 'Cross-Timber"
Hand-colored engraving of hunters, horses, dogs, and deer in Texas forest
Unidentified structure and people in Mexico
Photo taken by tourists of unidentified structure with three men and a horse standing in front
Unidentified ruins in Mexico
Photo taken by tourists of unidentified ruins in Mexico
Along the Rio Grande.
This article from a Harper's Weekly supplement discusses features around the Rio Grande River in the United States and Mexico.
"Brownsville, Texas, Occupied by the Army under General Banks, November 1863", in Frank Leslie's, "The Soldier In Our Civil War" (1893)
Engraved print of supplies stacked on wharf at Brownsville, Texas
Judge Jesse Grimes, An Address Delivered At Washington-on-the-Brazos On March 2, 1959
Address delivered by Louis Lenz at 1959 Texas Independence Day celebration, Washington-on-the-Brazos, describing life of Jesse Grimes; signed by the author; see Handbook of Texas entry for Lenz
"A Tribute of Respect To The Dead Chieftain, Wm. McKinney"
Program for a tribute to McKinley held at Fireman's Park Theatre, Brenham, Texas, September 19, 1901
"It's Moonlight Every Night in Austin, Texas"
The story of Austin's famous tower lights
One of three postcards depicting Sam Houston's homes, and monument to Houston; house depicted in Huntsville, Texas
Program for Houston Symphony concert
Program for Houston Symphony concert held at Washington-on-the-Brazos State Park on July 24, 1977
"Navasota's First Annual State Bluebonnet Festival"
Program for bluebonnet festival
"Historic Nacogdoches"
Illustrations of homes.
"Adair's Texas Pictorial Handbook"
Features traced reproduction of Texas Declaration of Independence; souvenir Issue.
True Veterans of Texas. An Account of the Battle of San Jacinto
An account of the battle of San Jacinto
Program for Texas Centennial Central Exposition, Nov. 14, 1936; Schedule of events that were held in Dallas
"Speech of Mr. Caleb B. Smith, of Indiana, on the Subject of the Tariff."
Speech delivered at the U.S. House of Representatives, April 20, 1844.
Washington, Texas
One of two photographs of the town of Washington, Texas
"Mexico and Texas. Article Second. Manifesto of General Santa Anna."
Magazine article about Mexico and Texas.
"Speech of Edw. Joy Morris, of Pennsylvania, in Defense of the Tariff of 1842, and the Protective Policy and American Labor"
Government document concerning speech of Edw. Joy Morris; U.S. House, April 24, 1844
Tariff Doctrine.
Published by order of the "Whig Congressional Executive Committee"; tariff and election propaganda
"Speech of Mr. Choate of Massachusetts, Upon the Subject of Protecting American Labor, by Duties on Imports"
Government document concerning speech of Mr. Choate delivered on 4/12/1844 and 4/15/1844
"Speech of Mr. Jas. Pollock of Pennsylvania, in Defence of the Tariff of 1842"
Government document concerning speech of Mr. Jas. Pollock and tariffs
"Speech of Mr. Alex Ramsey, of Penn., on the Tariff Bill"
Government document concerning speech of Alex Ramsey on Tariffs on April 29, 1844
"Where Texas' Declaration of Independence Dawned"
Reprint of article discussing the history of the Texas revolution and the work of the Historical Survey Committee to mark important historic buildings, sites, and gravestones.
"Correspondence with Texas, on the Subject of Annexation"
Government document concerning the annexation of Texas; 29th Congress, 1st session, [1846]; At head: "Doc. No. 2. [Documents accompanying the President's message at the commencement of the First Session of the Twenty-Ninth Congress.]"
Manuscript census
Manuscript census by block and lot for Travis, Fannin and Ferry Streets; city not given
"Early Days In Texas"
Cover of a book that discusses frontier life in early Texas.
Pamphlet: Souvener Album of Houston, Texas.
Souvenir album of Houston, Texas; consists of drawings of different buildings in Houston
[Cover of The Espinosa-Olivares-Aguirre Expedition of 1709]
Cover of book describing an early expedition into Texas as described by Isidro Félix de Espinosa.
[Repayment of Loan to the Provisional Government of Texas with Land]
Document describing the repayment of a loan to the Provisional Governement of Texas in land. Two loans were made to Texas via Branch T. Archer, William H. Wharton, and Stephen F. Austin for $250,000, and is being paid off in land scrip.
Unveiling of monument
Invitation to the unveiling of the monument honoring the signing of the Texas Declaration of Independence
"George Campbell Childress and Folks"
News article chronicling the life of George Childress, signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, and commemorating the 100th anniversary of his death
A History of Indianola
Brief history of Indianola, beginning with the arrival of La Salle.