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Who is W. T. Eldridge?

Description: Pamphlet taking a position against the prison reform ideas of W.T. Eldridge, a businessman who ran the Imperial Sugar Company. The political commentary is addressed to the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Legislative Investigating Committee, and the Members of the Legislature of Texas. It includes several letters, question-and-answer transcripts and other documentation discussing Texas legislation and policies related to prisons.
Date: August 1913
Creator: Dunovant, Adelia A.
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum

[Document Regarding the Treaty of Limits]

Description: Treaty recognizing the U.S.-Mexican Border with commentary in Spanish and the text of treaties in both English and Spanish, side-by-side, including agreements signed January 12, 1828, and April 5, 1831.
Date: December 1, 1832
Creator: Fagoaga, Francisco
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum

Those Texans

Description: Newspaper clippings regarding biography of R.E.B. Baylor, history of Baylor University, and memorial to R.E.B. Baylor, ca. 1900-1920
Date: unknown
Creator: Farber, James
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum

"Nueva Hispania Tabula Nova"

Description: Copper engraving of Mexico showing Baja California, southern United States, Florida, and half of Cuba; Yucatan is shown as a peninsula; Latin text on verso
Date: unknown
Creator: Girolamo Ruscelli
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum

Mexico. and Guatimala.

Description: Hand-colored engraving of Mexico and Guatemala, and the surrounding areas, showing settlements, roads, mines and topography. Mexican states are outlined in various colors and labeled; "Guatimala" encompasses all of Central America (except for Belize). Major cities, bodies of water, and geographic features are marked (with relief shown by hachures).
Date: unknown
Creator: Hall, Sidney
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum