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[Document Regarding the Treaty of Limits]
Treaty recognizing the U.S.-Mexican Border with commentary in Spanish and the text of treaties in both English and Spanish, side-by-side, including agreements signed January 12, 1828, and April 5, 1831.
Estado libre de Coahuila y Tejas
Official Mexican Broadside tabulating the population of Coahuila and Texas for the 1833 census
Impugnacion al Informe del Senor General Santa-Anna, y Constancias en que se Apoyan las Ampliaciones de la Acusacion del Sr. Diputado Camboa
Front cover and table of contents for the text of the court martial of Santa Anna.
Mapa de la America Septentl Asia oriental y Mar del sur Intermedio Formado
Map showing eastern Asia, western North America and the Arctic circle with routes of various explorers.
The Mexican Soldier, 1837-1847
Front and back covers, and spine of a book that describes and illustrates Mexican military organization, dress, equipment, and regulations between 1837-1847.
Official order
Official order--King Don Carlos to Ministers of Guadalajara concerning the impeachment of Don Jacobo Ugarte y Loyola and financial reimbursements to the king. Spanish translated.
Plano del Pto de San Tomas
Map showing structures in the Pueblo de St. Tomas and the plan of the body of water nearby including depth markers.
"Primera Secretaria de Estado, Departmento de Exterior"
Treaty of January 12, 1828 to establish a U.S.-Mexican border. English and Spanish -untrans. Printed form. Folded. See 1974-62.
Puerto de San Juan de Puerto Rico
Map showing structures in San Juan, Puerto Rico as well as depth markers for the surrounding bay.
Segundo Calendario Portatil de Ignacio Cumplido, Para el ano de 1837, Arreglado al meridiano de Mexico.
Front and back covers of a Mexican Almanac.
Voz de la Patria, Tomo 2, Numero 19, Lunes 29 de Marzo de 1830
Continuation of the history of General Don Guadalupe Victoria, discussing the Fredonian Rebellion.