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Acala cotton seed poster
Advertisement for No. 111 strain Acala cotton seed developed by John D. Rogers of Navasota, Texas.
Advertisement for the opera "Merry War"
Advertisement for "Merry War" by Chas. E. Ford's Comic Opera Company at "Millett's Opera House, Dec. 11th & 12th" in Austin, Texas
Broadside issued by the Texas State Attorney General
Concerning the Peters Colony and the Interpretation of Land Laws; issued by Ebenezer Allen from the Attorney General's Office
Cotton Harvesters
Sketches and explanations of cotton harvesters; reverse has corn harvesters
Cotton Presses and Compresses
Print of cotton presses and compresses; reverse side has cotton bale ties
Glass Making
Print with sketches and explanations of glass making (reverse: sketches and explanations of ice machines.)
Libby Prison During the War.
Poster depicting a large, red-brick building and ranks of soldiers in the background and white tents in the foreground. Text under the image reads, "Compliments of J. Thompson Brown & Co., Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers, 113 Main St., Richmond, Va."
[Photograph of a man sitting in a chair]
Daniel Magee?
Poster for Millett's Opera House, "Corinne"
Advertisement for performance by Corinne at Millett's Opera House in Austin, Texas, for November 26th; "America's Supreme Favorite! The Original and Peerless. The Lyric and Dramatic Star. The Fairy Pet of the Public. Charming, Dainty, Corinne."
Print of plows and harrows
Sketches and explanations of plows, (reverse: sketches and explanations of harrows).
Sugar Making
Print with sketches and explanations of methods of sugar making (reverse: sketches and explanations of methods of sweeping).
"To Arms! To Arms! Volunteers for the Mexican War!"
Broadside recruiting soldiers for the Mexican War, asking for 12-month volunteers.