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Camp Hulen Main Chapel
Copy negative of the Danevang Lutheran Church in Danevang, Texas. There is a road visible in the foreground, as well a tall flagpole with an American flag positioned in front of the chapel.
[Membership Certificate]
Certificate provided to O. W. Schaer by the Wharton County Electric Cooperative, Inc., to certify Schaer's membership in said organization. The bottom third of the document has an embossed seal and two signatures by the president and secretary of the organization, R. E. Meek and A. E. Wilbeck, respectively. On the back of the certificate, there are two paragraphs of printed text stating the conditions of membership.
Release of Oil and Gas Lease
Release document of an oil and gas lease between the Roxana Petroleum Corporation and Carl Harton and his wife Christiane Harton. The document states that the petroleum company is relinquishing 70 acres of property in Wharton County, along with all rights, to the Hartons. Signatures were made on the bottom by the vice-president of the corporation and a notary. When closed, on the back, the top quarter of the document condenses the document into two lines of text that read, "Release of Oil and Gas Lease Roxana Petroleum Corporation To."
[Wedding Celebration for Andrew and Emma Berndt]
Black and white photograph of a group portrait taken at a wedding celebration for Andrew Enemark Berndt and Emma Hansen Berndt, the groom and the bride respectively. The newlywed couple are standing on the left while their guests stand to the right and behind them; a few people are seated below the group.