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Blacksmith Shop in Jones County
Copy negative of Carl Harton's blacksmithing and woodworking shop in Danevang, Texas. The one-story building features a false storefront with a sign reading "Blacksmith and Woodwork." Two carriages pulled by horses are driving across the road in front of the shop. Several men are standing in front of the open doors of the shop. On the left side of the shop, wagon wheels and other debris are scattered against the building.
Carl Harton and Colt
Copy negative of Carl Harton holding clutching a foal's neck with one hand and the it's flank with the other. A grown horse stands to the left of Carl. A fence surrounds farmland in the background. Carl is wearing a broad hat, collared hat, jacket and pants.
Harton Home Place
Copy negative of Opal, Carl, and Blance Harton standing in front of a man unloading corn from a wagon at the Harton Home Place in Avoca, Texas. Blance is wearing a peacoat on top of a dark-colored dress. Carl stands behind her in a suit and hat, while Opal is just visible behind Carl. Other machinery is visible in the background, as is an agricultural building.
Motorcycles in Front of Blacksmith Shop in Avoca
Copy negative of men standing in front of Carl Harton's blacksmith shop in Avoca Texas. Three of the men are seated on motorcycles, while five other men stand around the bikes. The men are wearing overalls, plaid shirts, peacoats, buttoned sweaters, and vests. They are also wearing cabbie hats, fedoras, and cowboy hats.
Storing Corn
Copy negative of a group of six men sorting and storing corn at the Harton Home Place in Avoca Texas.
Unloading Corn at Harton Home Place
Copy negative of Carl Harton and Opal Harton standing in front of an agricultural building at the Harton Home Place in Avoca, Texas. Carl and Opal, along with another unknown man, are inspecting a wagon of corn drawn by two horses.