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[1921 Confirmation Class]
Photograph of adolescent boys and girls gathered for a group picture, which was taken during their confirmation ceremony in Danevang, Texas. They are just to the right of a church wall, which has five visible windows with pointed tops. They are all dressed in formal attire. The boys wear dark suits and the girls, all in the front row, wear light-colored dresses with cinched waists. Some names have been provided, but they have not been matched properly to individual positions in the image.
Arnold Juhl in Baseball Uniform
Copy negative of Arnold Juhl dressed in a baseball uniform. He is sitting in an automobile with his knees up and looking to the side.
At the Bay
Copy negative of Margaret Juhl and her husband Arnold Juhl sitting on the beach at the East Bay in Palacios, Texas.
Baby With Chickens and Cat
Copy print of a baby sitting in the middle of empty plot of land amidst a circle of chickens. The baby, identified as Johanna Larsen, holds an unidentified object in her hands while looking at a cat in front of her. In the very distance, a structure can be seen among some trees and a field of crops off to the left.
Juhl Residence
Copy negative of a house with a front porch in southwest Danevang, Texas. The two-story house belongs to Jasper and Marie Smith Juhl. There is brush and long grass in front of the house, and there is a barn and a windmill to the side of the house.