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1931 Confirmation
Black and white photograph of a confirmation class of the [Danevang Lutheran Church]. The class is comprised of thirteen girls and four boys who are arranged in two rows and are either sitting or standing. The girls are wearing white dresses and the boys are wearing dark suits and ties. An older man identified as Pastor N.P. Hald stands to the right of the class. Behind the group three windows are visible.
[Mrs. C. C. Jensen's Insurance Policy]
Insurance policy document belonging to Mrs. C. C. Jensen of Danevang, Texas. According to the content in the document, she applied for membership with the Danish Mutual Insurance Association for protection against any fire or lightening damage that could affect her home and furnishings. Signatures from the president and secretary of the organization can be seen at the bottom, by P. J. Petersen and Peter Harton, respectively. When folded, the back of the document acts as a pamphlet that lists the various bylaws and article of the insurance organization.
Power of Attoney from Lykke Heirs to Peter Harton
Power of attorney document, also known as a letter of attorney, between the Lykke heirs and Peter Harton. The first page lists the individuals present during the document's creation. The second page describes the transaction between the Lykkes and Peter Harton, who is receiving a sizable amount of property, as well as the right to manage and control the property in any way he sees fit.