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Camp Hulen Main Chapel
Copy negative of the Danevang Lutheran Church in Danevang, Texas. There is a road visible in the foreground, as well a tall flagpole with an American flag positioned in front of the chapel.
[Confirmation Class]
Copy print of a group of adolescent boys and girls at their confirmation in front of the Danevang Lutheran Church. The structure behind them has two double-hung windows and horizontal siding. A concrete step can be seen on the leftmost part of the image where a young child stands holding to a railing. The girls and boys are dressed in formal attire in similar cut dresses and suits, respectively. In addition, they all have small corsages pinned to their chests. From left to right, they have been identified as Holger Thyssen, Norma Carlsen, Rodger Andersen, Elaine Hansen, Pastor Vaghn Duus, Jergen Gann, Louise Hansen, and Erling Smith.
Construction of Church
Photograph of the Danevang Lutheran Church in the early stages of construction. The major parts of the church's framework have been put in place, and a group of men are seen working on either side. There have been two large, flat wooden boards placed parallel to each other on an incline, acting, presumably, as a ramp for vehicles. There is a truck parked on the church's foundation, and a man is walking away from it to the right. A decorative border surrounds the photograph. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph indicates the photograph's donors.
[Dedication of Danevang Lutheran Church]
Black and white photograph of the dedication of the new Danevang Lutheran Church building. Two columns of pews, the ends of which are adorned with small floral decorations, are visible from the foreground to the background. Various men in suit jackets are seated in the pews to near full capacity. The pews lead to an altar visible in the background at the center of which is a table, a few stands with floral arrangements, and a framed painting that has a cross atop its frame. Pastor Michael Mikkelsen is standing in the background, to the far left of the altar.
Emma Nielsen Hansen and John Allenson
Black and white photograph of a man and a woman, identified as John Allenson and Emma Nielsen Hansen, standing outdoors next to other unidentified individuals that are mingling with their backs to their camera. Emma, who is wearing a vest and a dress with flocked sleeves, has her arms crossed and is smiling at the camera. To her right, John is standing and fixing his tie. He is wearing a three-piece suit and a hat. Behind them, the side of a house is visible. A child's head is partially in view at the bottom of the foreground.
The Emmas
Black and white photograph of two women, a mother and a daughter, who share the same name; they are posed outdoors in front of a set of windows on a house located in Danevang. On the left is Emma Nielsen Hansen and on the right is her daughter, Emma Hansen Berndt. They are both wearing dark dresses with long sleeves. The younger Emma is wearing glasses. In the windows behind them, lace curtains are visible.
[Myrtle Waldman and Her Daughters Beverly and Annette]
Black and white photograph of a mother, Myrtle Waldman, and her two daughters, Annette Waldman and Beverly Waldman. They are standing outdoors in a shaded grassy area that is surrounded by trees. Myrtle is holding the hands of her younger daughter, who is standing in front of her with a look of wonderment on her face. The older daughter is standing to their right, with her hand on her mouth and her ankles crossed. An unidentified young girl is standing next to a bench behind them in the distance.
Niels and Emma Hansen
Copy negative of a black and white photograph of a husband and a wife, identified as Niels and Emma Hansen, standing in front of their home. Niels is wearing a hat, a white shirt, a tie, and pants with suspenders; he has his hand to his hips as if to hold his pants up. To his right, Emma is standing and wearing a white dress and a hat. She is holding a purse up to her chest. The porch and door of their house are visible directly behind them.