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Sisters Maren Marie Knudsen & Bertha Christine Knudsen
Copy negative of sisters Berthe Christine and Maren Marie Knudsen, standing together with their arms resting on a pillar. Both girls are wearing dresses that button up to the neck, with lace collars and bustled skirts, stockings, and pointed shoes.
Vacation Bible School
Photograph of a group of children and an adult female standing outside of a building to the right of the image identified as the Vacation Bible School. They are standing roughly into 4 rows, with the front row of girls wearing knee-length dresses and the boys dressed in different styles of dungarees. Only two of the girls are wearing shoes. There are two large trees in the distance. Black hand-written text on the back of the photograph is in a Germanic language, possibly Dutch, while a succeeding blue line of text reads, "Vacation Bible School, Stephanie Swendsen".