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[Photograph of Mrs. S.E. Granados]

Description: Photograph of Mrs. S.E. Granados. She is wearing a blouse and jacket and is kneeling on a lawn outside. In front of her are many bouquets of flowers. On one bouquet is a ribbon reading "Bienvenida." Other people are visible in the background. Mrs. Granados is identified as the president of an unnamed institution.
Date: 1950
Partner: Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

[Presbyterian Church with Palm Trees]

Description: Photograph of a one-story Presbyterian church with two palm trees in front of it. The main part of the building has a v-shaped roof with a tower and a belfry in the middle. The belfry has a tapered roof with a design on it. The rest of the building continues toward the background on the left. The church has several windows, including a few stained glass windows at the front. Bare trees and bushes can be seen in the background behind the church. In the foreground, the top of the car is visible on the left, and part of a palm tree is visible on the right. There is handwriting on the back of the photograph that reads, "Primera Inglesia Presbiteriana de Kingsville. 1st. Presby Ch" (translated to "First Presbyterian Church of Kingsville").
Date: unknown
Partner: Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary