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[Group of People Seated in a Room]
Photograph of a group of men and women seated in a large room looking up at the camera. On the right wall, there are four windows, a shelving system where hats have been placed, and a domed arbor with hanging vegetation. On the left wall, there is an entryway that has been uncovered by a pulled curtain. From right to left, excluding the cropped women on the right-most side, the individuals nearest the wall have been identified as Mona Harton Bendixon, Rudy Bendixon, Wilhelm Harton's wife and Wilhelm Harton himself next to her (possibly - both identities have not been confirmed), Peter Harton, Stephanie (no last name provided), Dagmar Harton Crosswait, Burton Crosswait, Stephanie Harton Swendsen, Julius Swendsen, and Jens Harton. On the opposite side of the table, starting right to left, these individuals have been identified as Laurits Harton, Abelona Harton, Louis Bonugli, Johanna Bonugli, Carl Harton, and Louise Harton. No other names have been provided. On the back of the photograph, there is a hand-written letter from Peter Harton, but its content or addressee cannot be read with certainty.
Maren Jensen
Copy negative of Maren Jensen on her 81st birthday in Danevang, Texas, which is located in Wharton County. In the photograph, Maren is sitting in a yard next to a large, three-tiered birthday cake. She is wearing a long dress with a floral pattern.
[Maren Jensen And Her Birthday Cake on Her 81st Birthday]
Black and white photograph of Maren Jensen seated outdoors on a lawn, next to a table where a four-tier cake has been placed. Around the foot of the table near her feet are several bouquets of flowers. A few trees are visible in the background. Afternoon shadows are cast across the lawn behind her.
[Myrtle Waldman and Her Children]
Black and white photograph of a mother and her children posed outdoors for a picture in front of a house. The mother, Myrtle Waldman, is visible from the chest up; on her lap is a sizable blanket where her infant daughter is laying. To her left, Myrtle's other daughter is seen peeking from behind the blanket, visible from the chin up. The trunk of a tree and a few bushes are in the background.