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[Boy Scouts Field Day in El Campo, Texas]
Black and white photograph of a large group of boys that make up a chapter of the Boy Scouts of America. According to the title written on the photograph, they are all cub scouts from Wharton County and they are posing for a portrait to commemorate a summer field day. Positioned in front of the side of a wooden cabin, they are arranged in four rows with the first row seated with their legs crossed and the second row seated on a bench. Four adult scout leaders are present; one is sitting on the first row with the boys, one is standing to the left of the group, and two are on the right.
[A Brother and a Sister Standing Outdoors]
Black and white photograph of a teenage brother and sister standing outdoors in a lawn of tall grass. They are identified as Olaf Olson and Louise Petersen. Olaf is standing to the left of his sister. He is wearing knickerbockers, tall socks, and a shirt with the sleeves rolled up. His hands are in his pockets. To his right is Louise, who is wearing a dress and a cape. Behind the pair is a tree and a partially visible automobile.
Revaluation Policy of Property
Insurance policy document written in Danish. It was sent by Carl Harton in order to apply for membership to cover household goods against fire or lightning damages. When folded, the document acts as a pamphlet on the back, where much of its bylaws and fine print policies appear to be stated.